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Need donkey-hide gelatin powder

Need donkey-hide gelatin powder
Need donkey-hide gelatin powder
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Need Shandong Shandong Ejiao classic millennium extreme experience

Ejiao, from Shandong East, named Ejiao

Han "Shennong Herbal Classic" Since ancient times, all herbs will be donkey-hide gelatin as top grade, holy drug, tribute. Its sweet nature, non-toxic, is a peaceful thing. The best donkey-hide gelatin powder is Ejiao's treasures, the natural selection of black donkey skin, learn well water, master's skill refining.

For thousands of years, Shandong donkey-hide gelatin tribute tribute to the court, ordinary people very hard to get real rubber. Shandong Ejiao adhering to the traditional craftsmanship of superb mystery, refined noble world of the best, so that the old tribute to reproduce today.

Ejiao classics

Ejiao is contained in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" will be classified as the top grade, said: "The taste of gold, flat, non-toxic. The main abdominal collapse, fatigue such as malaria, abdominal pain, limb pain. Jiufu, light body Qi.

Southern Liang Tao Hongjing "Shennong Herbal Classic" Note: (donkey-hide gelatin) "East, therefore, said Ejiao," "tepid, non-toxic .Husband less abdominal pain, weakness lean, lack of chi, Liver gas. "

Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: (Ejiao) "" The classic "," sweet, flat, non-toxic ";" and blood and yin, except wind and dryness, phlegm and lungs, Lee urine, Holy drug also ";" Ejiao Yukina, ginseng Qi also "and said" Ejiao Daoyu just blood and fluid, it can Qingfei yin and cure various diseases. " At this point, Ejiao efficacy has been fully summarized and summarized.

Ejiao culture

Ejiao and ginseng, antler and called "Sambo".

Ye Tianshi in Qing Dynasty "Proof Guide Medical Case" Ejiao said: flesh and blood goods, nourishing the most.

"Chinese Pharmacopoeia Dictionary" made a clear exposition of the elements of boiled gelatin in the ancient town of East China: "Every spring, Ze pure black disease-free donkey, feeding the lion ear mountain grass, drink the wolf River water, to Winter slaughter to take the skin, soaking wolves River four or five days, scraping hair dirt, and then dip flooding a few days, take A well water, with the Sangui fire boil three days and nights, to sediment filtration, and then silver pan gold shovel, Angelica Chuanxiong orange licorice and other concoction, boil until the plastic, the color of bright and clean, sweet and salty, fragrant, that is true gelatin also.

The unique water of the Wolli River, lion ears Mountain donkey skin and the ancestral exquisite exclusive gelatin process, creating the East Asia town of gelatin excellent quality. Draw the essence of heaven and earth, the traditional gelatin Jahn thousands of years of wisdom in here ...

Because it has been using good leather as well as the local East Asian water boil eight days, during which also add rice wine to fishy add sugar to add special anti-sticking and other skills of soy ... ... because of the production of donkey-hide gelatin Condensate if fat, through such as amber run jade, the summer is not wet and not soft, aging old plastic effect ", but loved by the majority of the audience and sought after.

Browse Chinese medicine gems, know its source,

At the end of the article, we review the ballads in the hometown of donkey-hide gelatin.

Little black donkey, black belly, dark black eyes black hoof.

Lion ears mountain grazing, wolves to drink water.

Yongji Bridge three on the run, Wei field roll.

Winter solstice slaughtered the skin, boil gum also wells A wells.

Sang fire ancient ancient craft, water and fire with Ji Ling plastic,

Seventy-seven forty-nine days, such as black paint,

As amber Run through jade, the summer does not damp winter is not soft, Peiyuan Gubian yin and yang, beauty nourishing spleen and lung, tocolysis elixir, aging old plastic effect still exist.

Therefore, we choose the best selection of Ejiao best quality gelatin powder to ensure the effect.

Ejiao nourishing health effects

Ejiao has a wide range of medical and health care benefits. It has the five major functional advantages of blood nourishing, beauty and longevity, strengthening and strengthening the bones and strengthening immunity, forming core competitiveness including brand, technology and quality standards.

Healthy people tonic

Ejiao Yin and Blood, contains a lot of essential amino acids and trace elements, can improve the body's immune function, effectively improve the sleep, appetite, energy and other aspects of health, prevent fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and other sub-health conditions.

Women's health

Chinese say "women to blood-based" good donkey-hide gelatin, menstruation, is the daughter of nourishing share. Women, whether in adolescence, middle age, menopause, or prenatal and postnatal care, use donkey-hide gelatin to nourish, not only to make the qi and blood conditioning, beautiful face, but also to prevent and treat various gynecological diseases.

Men's fitness

Ejiao Ziyin Runzao, the Southern Dynasty Hongjing Tao "doctors do not record" contains, donkey-hide gelatin "husband less abdominal pain, consumptive win skinny, lack of yin gas, acid can not stand for a long time, raise liver qi", namely donkey- Liver and kidney deficiency caused by abdominal pain, dry cough, consumptive win thin, limbs, etc. have a good effect.

Adolescents (students) benefit the gods

"Compendium of Materia Medica," said "Ejiao Yukina, ginseng Qi, donkey-hide gelatin containing small molecule peptides, can enhance the memory and thinking ability of the body, effectively alleviate the juvenile students impetuous, inattention, memory loss, insomnia and so on.

Anti-aging in the elderly

In the elderly physique decline, good conditioning maintenance is the focus of disease prevention. Ejiao contains a variety of trace elements can effectively prevent geriatric diseases, with the role of slowing down fatigue, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, and can better prevent and cure due to blood deficiency caused by virtual win, fainting, constipation and other symptoms; In addition, donkey-hide gelatin In addition to calcium, but also through the role of glycine to promote calcium absorption, thereby preventing calcium deficiency in the elderly.

Ingredients: Donkey skin.

Accessories: rock sugar, rice wine, soybean oil (including soybeans).

How to eat: Take a spoonful of each time into the cup, add a spoonful of sugar or honey, with hot milk red solution; or each time take a spoon into the cup, add a spoonful of sugar or honey, then add milk 20 grams, Wash with hot water.

Net content: 300 grams

Storage: Sealed, placed in a cool dry place.