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Ia dibuat dengan bahan2 ilmiah yang spesifik, boleh disimpan dalam setiap rumah dan boleh diminum bila perlu. Tjampuran ini boleh melonggarkan dahak dan meredakan batuk. Obat batuk tjap “KELAPALAUT AFRIKA” meredakan batuk akibat sejuk, selsema dan gatal ditenggorokan, Ia melonggarkan dahak dan menyamankan kesakitan dan gatal ditenggor..

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The vitamin E cream can effectively protect skin from dry weather damage. The formula contains no artificial colors or flavors, with pure natural ingredients, including natural vitamin E, avocado oil, almond oil, vitamin A, can moisturizing and moisturize skin, make skin smooth, relieve dry discomfort. Function: 1 moisture and protect dry, chapped..

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Childlife liquid calcium and magnesium to provide 2 essential minerals combined with a balanced, very easy to absorb vitamin D and zinc, delicious formula. These are essential nutrients that support your child's healthy growth and development. Usage and dosage: daily maintenance: for the baby 6 months 12 months - 1 tsp. Children 1 - 3 years old: 2 ..

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Description:Contains 5 billion active cultures!No. 1 pediatrician recommended brandHelp maintain the child's natural defense systemHelp to reduce sporadic dyspepsiaEasy to take and tastelessDairy and gluten freeRecommended Use1 year old and above: Pour one (1) whole into a cool food or drink. Stir until dissolved. Do not add warm or warm food or dr..

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Apply: bad breath, breath, hot gas, acne Function: This product contains light antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification function, can effectively clear heat, strong oral health, cause of lung and stomach warm breath, breath, eyes barrier, throat discomfort, heat has significant effect. Usage and dosage: take orally 2 times a ..

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 Jigong medicine founder He Fuqing development and production in 1936, formerly known as the ""Death Star pain"", has been decades of history. Folk ""Jigong, Jigong, pain not five minutes"" reputation, selling the country and Southeast Asia and other countries. Sales volume ranks first in the national medicine powder, has become one of the pil..

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Jigong Paracetamol Caffeine and Aspirinpowder, which is the original antipyretic analgesic powder Jigong medicine founder He Fuqing development and production in 1936, formerly known as the ""Death Star pain"", has been decades of history. Folk ""Jigong, Jigong, pain not five minutes"" reputation, selling the country and Southeast Asia and other co..

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Action :Replenish the semen, reinforce the kidney and spleen, bring up the Yin and Yang energies and strengthen the function of the male genital. Indications :Physical underaction, devangement of blood and vital essences, dizziness, backache, weak knees listlessess, other irregularity general weakness and senescence of physical ability. Dosage :4 p..

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Applicable: Kidney cold cold sperm, excessive blood loss, kidney yang deficiency, anemia, chlorosis, fine customs is not solid, impotence and premature ejaculation, Qi disorders, kidney deficiency and inadequate nocturia, neurasthenia, limb fatigue, dizzy, loss of appetite, prematurely senile, frequent urination and sexual function of men and women..

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LEE BUAN SOA PILL (FISHING BRAND) Peppermint, Clove, Menthol, Cinnamon, Glycyrrhiza, Belladonna   Indications: For Stomachache, Indigestion, Flatulence, Abdominal Pain & Discomfort, Diarrhea due to Food or Water Poisoning, Spasm, Nausea, Vomiting, and any Digestive or Stomach-Related Symptoms  Dosage: Adult 4 pills, Child 2-3 pill..

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Ma 100 Liang'an pill has long been known China, many residents of the home are stored nag 1-2 for door use, especially at home with children and the elderly. Function: clearing heat and removing toxin, activating blood circulation to remove obstruction. Usage and dosage: 1 stroke and severe stroke, the attack that is served, one pill each time, t..

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Kyoto niancian Chuanbei Zhisousan can cough phlegm and nourishing lung, assist in repair of the respiratory tract mucosa. In the late cold, phlegm may cause stomach retention, postnasal drip. Chuanbei Zhisousan can help clear the stomach of sputum, cough expectorant effect. Suitable: cough phlegm, shortness of breath, sputum white sticky or yellow..

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Offers individual single-serving sachet packs for the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa original bottled formula. Easy to carry and consume, you can have it anytime, anywhere, at work or while travelling.   Ingredients: Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Folium Eriobotryae, Radix Adenophorae, Poria, Exocarpium Citri Grandis, Radix Platycodonis, Rhizoma Pinel..

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Contains enhanced moisturizing ingredients, can retain skin moisture, skin can become more smooth and soft. Usage: If you are allergic to use immediately stop using, and consult a doctor. Please place a cool place to avoid deterioration...

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OLAY moisturizing lotion combined with moisturizing formula can quickly penetrate and replenish skin moisture, firm and soft skin, skin smoother, and make you look younger. No coloring and fragrance added, suitable for sensitive skin. You will find after use, *Skin moisturizing degree is significantly improved *Skin is softer and more delicate *S..

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This product contains unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA Function: maintain cardiovascular health, protect the bone joint, maintain the normal function of the kidney, improve the quality of skin, improve the function of gastrointestinal system, to help anti-aging. Usage and dosage: adult oral administration 2 times a day, 1 capsules each time. Ch..

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SPF19 effectively block UVA / UVB, contains vitamin E, providing deep moisturizing, unique whitening essence, so you have a truly perfect skin whitening...

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 flying man flying man potion is a famous French Lijia pharmaceutical factory production, marketing all over the world. More than 100 years. With its mild flavor fragrance and is suitable for people to travel home in China, so in addition to marketing in France and its territory, overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia with the drops in the treatme..

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Application: Adults (drinking, smoking, liver function of the population), is not suitable for pregnant women or pregnant women plan, not suitable for people with gallbladder disease Usage and dosage: 2 capsules per day. Made in Australia..

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Hongkong TIN HEE TONG hundred years old produced medicine pill is Zhaochun Doctor Lin Wu Chuan and ten old women according to the recipe contained among even witnessed seven male participation experience, years of treatment experience prepared. For convenience, the female relatives in treatment of disease, anemia and disease such as dark and many w..

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Application: blood loss, lack of vitality, powerless, fine customs is not solid, limb fatigue, loss of appetite. Usage and dosage: adult day once, before going to sleep, take four pills, if the body is empty, one to two times daily, every four to five Capsules, with warm water delivery service, quick results. Children's clothing amount of half, d..

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Buy 4 Get 1 Free OfferSame Product Offer - Buy 4 Get 1 Free Function: Buqihuoxue, tonifying the liver and invigorating kidney, calming, blood weakness, shortness of breath, aversion to cold, numbness, insomnia and amnesia, lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees. Usage and dosage: oral, 1-2 times a day, every time 8-12 pill. Ma..

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Australia Bio Island Cod Liver + Fish Oil Top Cod Liver Oil 90 Capsules Australia's BIO-ISLAND baby cod liver oil can provide natural vitamins A, D, E and calcium, and can also supplement the DHA and EPA needed during development. The baby can eat from 28 days until adult. Old man. Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day from 28 days to 1 year; 2 c..

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DescriptionThe deliciously blackcurrant flavoured Bio Island Lysine Starter for Kids is easy to digest in this convenient powdered form. It contains the essential amino acid lysine, that supports healthy growth and improves appetite for infants and young children.Bio Island Lysine Starter for Kids supports calcium absorption, that helps maintain no..

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Features and effects: vitality choice: plant fruit and vegetable extract extraction, baby's daily vitality preservation method: Store in a cool and dark place, refrigerate after opening. Edible method: directly or into the children's beverage ingredients list: purified water, glycerin, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, stevia, potassium sorbate..

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The German GNT new generation of powerful complement is the most rigorous Gukang by the German pharmaceutical program GMP high-quality production, as a kind of bone changes and the development of the herbs according to the latest formula. According to the records of Harpagophytum hook can help alleviate the joint ache numb and stiff, improve joint ..

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• This ointment is applied to the arm and other areas that you care about, and it can effectively improve skin problems like chicken skin. • Contains 20% high concentration of keratin softening ingredient (urea), which can soften the accumulated aging keratin and excess skin oil that block the skin pores ,Improve the problem of oil particles. •Impr..

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Description Reveal pure, naturally beautiful skin with Tonique Confort, moisturising toner from Lancôme.Tonique Confort toning lotion hydrates and soothes dry skin while gently removing makeup and impurities from the surface.Our unique skincare formula is enriched with sweet almond extract and honey to leave skin feeling clean, soft and comfor..

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DescriptionMale healthSupport when under pressureHelp maintain energy levelsEndurance and vitalityBased on scientific evidenceHigh quality formulaOne tablet a dayDietary SupplementsBenefits: Swisse Men's Ultivite is a premium formula containing 53 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs formulated for men to help maintain energy levels, brain se..

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