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Ia dibuat dengan bahan2 ilmiah yang spesifik, boleh disimpan dalam setiap rumah dan boleh diminum bila perlu. Tjampuran ini boleh melonggarkan dahak dan meredakan batuk. Obat batuk tjap “KELAPALAUT AFRIKA” meredakan batuk akibat sejuk, selsema dan gatal ditenggorokan, Ia melonggarkan dahak dan menyamankan kesakitan dan gatal ditenggor..

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The vitamin E cream can effectively protect skin from dry weather damage. The formula contains no artificial colors or flavors, with pure natural ingredients, including natural vitamin E, avocado oil, almond oil, vitamin A, can moisturizing and moisturize skin, make skin smooth, relieve dry discomfort. Function: 1 moisture and protect dry, chapped..

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Childlife liquid calcium and magnesium to provide 2 essential minerals combined with a balanced, very easy to absorb vitamin D and zinc, delicious formula. These are essential nutrients that support your child's healthy growth and development. Usage and dosage: daily maintenance: for the baby 6 months 12 months - 1 tsp. Children 1 - 3 years old: 2 ..

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Description:Contains 5 billion active cultures!No. 1 pediatrician recommended brandHelp maintain the child's natural defense systemHelp to reduce sporadic dyspepsiaEasy to take and tastelessDairy and gluten freeRecommended Use1 year old and above: Pour one (1) whole into a cool food or drink. Stir until dissolved. Do not add warm or warm food or dr..

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LEE BUAN SOA PILL (FISHING BRAND) Peppermint, Clove, Menthol, Cinnamon, Glycyrrhiza, Belladonna   Indications: For Stomachache, Indigestion, Flatulence, Abdominal Pain & Discomfort, Diarrhea due to Food or Water Poisoning, Spasm, Nausea, Vomiting, and any Digestive or Stomach-Related Symptoms  Dosage: Adult 4 pills, Child 2-3 pill..

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Ma 100 Liang'an pill has long been known China, many residents of the home are stored nag 1-2 for door use, especially at home with children and the elderly. Function: clearing heat and removing toxin, activating blood circulation to remove obstruction. Usage and dosage: 1 stroke and severe stroke, the attack that is served, one pill each time, t..

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Offers individual single-serving sachet packs for the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa original bottled formula. Easy to carry and consume, you can have it anytime, anywhere, at work or while travelling.   Ingredients: Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae, Folium Eriobotryae, Radix Adenophorae, Poria, Exocarpium Citri Grandis, Radix Platycodonis, Rhizoma Pinel..

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 flying man flying man potion is a famous French Lijia pharmaceutical factory production, marketing all over the world. More than 100 years. With its mild flavor fragrance and is suitable for people to travel home in China, so in addition to marketing in France and its territory, overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia with the drops in the treatme..

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Application: Adults (drinking, smoking, liver function of the population), is not suitable for pregnant women or pregnant women plan, not suitable for people with gallbladder disease Usage and dosage: 2 capsules per day. Made in Australia..

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Hongkong TIN HEE TONG hundred years old produced medicine pill is Zhaochun Doctor Lin Wu Chuan and ten old women according to the recipe contained among even witnessed seven male participation experience, years of treatment experience prepared. For convenience, the female relatives in treatment of disease, anemia and disease such as dark and many w..

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Buy 4 Get 1 Free OfferSame Product Offer - Buy 4 Get 1 Free Function: Buqihuoxue, tonifying the liver and invigorating kidney, calming, blood weakness, shortness of breath, aversion to cold, numbness, insomnia and amnesia, lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees. Usage and dosage: oral, 1-2 times a day, every time 8-12 pill. Ma..

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Detailed introduction The world's first water long-lasting moisturizing sunscreen lotion 50g (2019 new version) ✦ Product introduction Biore explosion, the spokesperson is Rongcang Nana! The newly revised sunscreen is not only the outer packaging but also the performance is different from the old one. Sunscreen is more resistant to sweat and water..

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Features and effects: vitality choice: plant fruit and vegetable extract extraction, baby's daily vitality preservation method: Store in a cool and dark place, refrigerate after opening. Edible method: directly or into the children's beverage ingredients list: purified water, glycerin, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, stevia, potassium sorbate..

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DescriptionMale healthSupport when under pressureHelp maintain energy levelsEndurance and vitalityBased on scientific evidenceHigh quality formulaOne tablet a dayDietary SupplementsBenefits: Swisse Men's Ultivite is a premium formula containing 53 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs formulated for men to help maintain energy levels, brain se..

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1) Premium Hydra B5 Soothing Foam  180ml 2) Premium Hydra B5 Toner 120ml  3) Premium Hydra B5 Lotion 120ml  4) Premium Hydra B5 Cream  7ml  5) Premium Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack 7ml   6) Hydra Vital Complex Enriched System 50ml  -Moisture retention, deep moisturization -Natural essence skin care to rel..

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1+2) Weather Danhua Xuan Balancing Water 150ml + 25ml 3+4) Weather Danhua Xuan Body Lotion 110ml + 25ml 5) Weather Danhua Xie Eye Cream 5ml 6) Weather Danhua Xuan Cream 25ml The weather Danhuaxu series is the most high-end basic care product after Whoo. It uses rare and precious ingredients. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the..

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【Composition of box】 Water Balance Translucent Essence Water 200ml 120ml New Water Cool Moisturizing Serum 5ml New Water Cooling Cream 10ml Night Repair Sleep Mask 15ml 【product description】 Replenishes the skin with the necessary water and energy, strengthens the skin's translucent treatment effect, and makes the skin crystal ..

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Buy 3 Get 1 Free OfferSame Product Offer - Buy 3 Get 1 Free Friendly reminder: For the pick-up in store order, you can pick it up on the next day of your order.Alcohol Pad (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) - 1 box of 100pcs..

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For ease painful shoulder pain and muscle pain have significant effect lipid formulations containing benzyl hydrochloric acid, for the treatment of painful shoulder pain and muscle pain have significant effect. No Smell almost no medicinal smell, without fear in public places because of the Smell and arouse resentment, while Smell allergic person y..

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Blackmores Executive B 125 tablets Vitamin B groupOne tablet a day for adults. Modern people have a fast pace of life, stress at work, work overtime and stay up late, and consume a lot of vitamin B.Coupled with the excessive pursuit of refined diet, resulting in fewer and fewer vitamin B intake.Just use Blackmores Busy People B Group to supplement ..

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Blackmores Fish Oil 400 CapsulesBlackmores Fish Oil 1000mg has undergone strict quality control, selected natural high-quality fish oil and strict purification procedures to ensure high quality and high purity. The fish oil selected has passed the test of mercury, pesticide residues and heavy metals, and it is absolutely free of salt and yeast. , S..

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Blackmores pregnant women folic acid 90 capsulesThis product is the first choice recommended by Australian doctors for pre-pregnancy and mid-pregnancy women. It is an intimate treasure for pre-pregnancy and mid-pregnancy women. Taking one to three months before pregnancy and taking it daily during the early stages of pregnancy can effectively reduc..

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BLACKMORES Natural E 500IU Natural Vitamin E Antioxidant 150 Capsules BLACKMORES Natural E 500IU natural vitamin E antioxidant, no chemical reaction in the production process, maintain the original physiological activity and natural properties of vitamin E, more easily absorbed by the body, high safety, more suitable for long-term consumption. The ..

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100% New Zealand original original cans are imported.Kalottani goat milk powder is made of whole goat milk with complete nutrition, and retains various natural active nutrients in goat milk. These natural active nutrients can help your baby adjust physical fitness, enhance protection and grow healthily.In addition, algae protein, DHA, AA, BLBB four..

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100% New Zealand original original cans are imported.Carlottani goat milk powder is made of whole goat milk with complete nutrition, retaining various natural active nutrients in goat milk,These natural active nutrients can help your baby adjust physical fitness, enhance protection and grow healthily.In addition, algae protein, DHA, AA, BLBB four b..

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100% New Zealand original original cans are imported.Kalottani goat milk powder is made of whole goat milk with complete nutrition, retaining various natural active nutrients in goat milkNew Zealand milk source is rich in natural nutrients: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), nucleotides, polyamines, SA (sialic acid), phospholipids (including sphingomy..

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Function: Expelling wind and dampness, phlegm meridians, Shujin active, blood and pain, blood and liver and kidney.Scope of application:1. waist and knee pain, hands and feet lean unfavorable, insensitive.2. Not bleeding, waist and legs heavy, arm ache.Meridian wet phlegm and blood stasis, the formation of Bi Syndrome, body tendon pain.Arthralgia S..

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