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German Cerebrolysin GLOBALAB 120 Capsules

German Cerebrolysin GLOBALAB 120 Capsules
German Cerebrolysin GLOBALAB 120 Capsules
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Product Introduction

"German GLQ-10 Powerful Cerebrolysin" is a brand-new formula for cerebrovascular circulation and metabolism. It is equipped with advanced high-tech pharmaceutical procedures and is produced with high-quality GMP through German rigorous pharmaceutical procedures. The product quality absolutely conforms to international standards. At the same time, it can repair brain nerve cells to prevent damage from free radicals, prevent toxins from entering the brain, quickly provide strong antioxidant capacity, enhance the free circulation of cerebral arteriovenous blood, help maintain normal heart rhythm, and maintain good blood pressure and blood circulation. , In order to cope with the busy daily life, to help you improve your health. In addition, this product is extracted from natural ingredients and has no adverse side effects on the body, so users can take it with peace of mind.

10 main functions:

• Improve speech disorder, help the brain to recover after trauma, increase cerebrovascular circulation

• Relieve excessive use of energy during the day, stay in bed at night to sleep peacefully, and fall asleep easily

• Enhance the growth of the brain during the developmental stage

• Helps keep the mitochondria of brain cells in a normal state and enhance memory

• Promote metabolism and improve sleep

• Provide nutrients to brain cells, improve mitochondrial activity, and keep cell structure intact and function normally

• Helps the vitality of brain cells and the reaction of the limbs, activating the central nervous system

• Tension headache (muscle headache), relief of local headache (vascular headache)

• Improve the thinking and concentration of children in learning

• Relieve tension caused by stress

Suitable for:

• People with local headaches caused by excessive computer use

• People with long-term and intractable headaches due to family inheritance and undetectable causes

• People with trembling hands and feet, numb limbs, inability to move, stiff fingers, fatigue, and back pain

• People who are prone to headaches, insomnia, anxiety, unresponsiveness and irritability

• People with headaches and lack of energy, people who often suffer from insomnia due to stress

• Drowsiness, depression, tinnitus, dizziness, visual impairment, fatigue and fatigue

• Relieve stress to improve sleep and local headaches, people who are mentally depressed

• School children in developmental stages

• People engaged in research or study, people with insufficient language or thinking skills, people with forgetfulness and memory decline

Suggested use (adults): 3 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time.