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Senior King 2Pieces

Senior King 2Pieces
Senior King 2Pieces
Senior King 2Pieces
Senior King 2Pieces
Senior King 2Pieces
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Regulate endocrine function: supplement a male estrus secretion and increase blood sex hormone levels.
Make the penis congested and stiff: promote the secretion of nitric oxide, activate nitric oxide synthase, dilate the arteries and capillaries of the penis, constrict the veins, and make the penis congested, swelled, enlarged and hardened.
Dilate arteries and improve blood circulation: reduce blood deposition, increase blood flow in the corpus cavernosum, activate growth factors in the corpus cavernosum, and enhance the length and thickness of penile erection.
Improve persistence: inhibit ejaculation and reduce excitability to reach the impulse of impulse and long-term sexual life.
Repair the nervous system: The function of the gonadal axis is degraded, and the changes in the neuronal mediators in the brain are prevented, which effectively improves male libido, enhances sexual pleasure, balances sexual excitement and the process of sexual growth.
Quickly promote blood circulation and enhance immunity: increase blood oxygen and nutrients carried by red blood cells in the blood, promote body metabolism, slow cell aging, and enhance immunity.

Product name:
Senior King 2 capsules 660mg

Product ingredients (each):
microcrystalline cellulose-410 mg
red algae extract (containing EDpeptide protein)-250 mg

Repair the peripheral nerves of the penis, promote the expansion of the penile cavernous blood vessels

2 capsules

How to use:
Take one capsule 60 minutes beforehand (one capsule per day is recommended)

Avoid taking it with carbonated sparkling drinks (such as soft drinks, beer), grapefruit juice, strong tea, etc.

Store in a cool and dry place away from light, avoid direct sunlight.

Target customers:
male adults