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Yamamoto Kanpoh Green Barley

Yamamoto Kanpoh Green Barley
Yamamoto Kanpoh Green Barley
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Added 10 billion active lactic acid bacteria FK-23 upgraded green juice 

imported from Japan, natural Japanese barley leaves, 100% free of pesticide residues, and added active lactic acid bacteria FK-23 ingredients (1 bag = 10 billion) to supplement your vegetables Fiber, detoxification and beauty, while regulating intestinal balance, good taste and health. "Barley Leaf" is the seedling of barley, which contains the most abundant nutrients during this period, containing a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll. "Lactic Acid Bacteria FK-23" 1 package of 4g lactic acid bacteria Barley Grass = 10 cups of cheese [Eating method] Pour 1 bag of powder into 100cc of warm water or milk or soy milk per day, 1-2 bags a day, and drink until it is completely dissolved. Put in ice cubes.

This product is natural barley leaves. If there is a small amount of sediment or color difference, it is normal and does not affect the quality and flavor of the product. Please feel free to drink it.

[Suitable for the crowd] Suitable for men, women and children, without special restrictions. Can be used as a daily calorie control product. It can be used by women during pregnancy and menstrual period

[suitable conditions]

● eat out frequently

● people with excessive salt intake

● natural vitamin supplement

● excessive gastric acid, poor gastrointestinal digestion system, easy to constipation

● easy to get acne, freckles, skin condition Good

●Poor sleep, lack of energy, often feel tired