DHC Stovepipe Pills 40 caps (20 days)

DHC Stovepipe Pills 40 caps (20 days)

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product information View original Japanese page product name DHC Melilotus officinalis 40 tablets 20 minutes raw material Olive oil, herbal extract at the end of Java tea extract, Ginkgo biloba extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, capsicum extract Nutritional ingredients (1 day per day: 2 capsules 910 mg) Heating: 5.3kcaL Protein: 0.27 g Lipid: 0.39 g CARB: 0.17g Sodium: 0.95mg Herbal Melilotus officinalis powder (TPB 5%): 200 mg Java Tea Extract Powder: 20 mg Ginkgo biloba extract powder (flavonoids 24% lactone 6%): 20 mg Capsicum extract: 2 mg Number of services 1 day 2 breakfast guide. * Eating too much squid will not exceed one day's intake. Recommended usage Comes with cold or warm water. If your body feels abnormal, stop drinking. No, check the ingredients for food allergies. If you are pregnant during breakfast or during treatment, please consult your doctor. How to save  - Keep the squid away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places.  - Should stay away from children.  - Open tightly and open your mouth as soon as possible. *It may be due to the nature of the raw materials, the color is slightly different, but the quality is no problem. Shelf life expiration date On a separate product label product description Daily health - high quality, low price! Melilotus officinalis extract 200 mg -Java Tea Extract: 20 mg -Ginkgo biloba extract: 20 mg • Capsicum extract: 2 mg  - Long style - no diet! manufacturer DHC