KONWEIPO Lycopene (100 softgels)

KONWEIPO Lycopene (100 softgels)

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Lycopene (lycopene), is a carotenoid natural pigment. It is in tomato, watermelon, red grapefruit, guava, rose fruit in more content. One of the most mature tomatoes rich in lycopene. Usually mature varieties of tomatoes, containing about 20 mg pe...

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Lycopene (lycopene), is a carotenoid natural pigment. It is in tomato, watermelon, red grapefruit, guava, rose fruit in more content. One of the most mature tomatoes rich in lycopene. Usually mature varieties of tomatoes, containing about 20 mg per kilogram of lycopene. The human body also contains lycopene, but our body does not self-synthesis of lycopene, only from food intake. When the lycopene into the body, the absorption through the small intestine and then combined with the chylomicron into the lymphatic vessels, in the input to the body organs and tissues, high concentrations in the liver, lung, prostate, adrenal gland, colon, skin. The concentration of lycopene in the human body is variable. Generally taken after 24-48 hours to reach the highest concentration of blood, and its serum half-life of about 2-3 days. Repeated use will increase the concentration of lycopene in the human body. According to the study, a daily intake of more than 15 mg of lycopene, will be more conducive to good health. But it is often difficult to achieve such a high intake. By taking highly concentrated lycopene preparations, lycopene is an effective way to add. Also, the processed lycopene will be more easily absorbed by the body.

Lycopene is not only important in today's industrial natural food coloring agent, more importantly, it is a strong antioxidant. Lycopene added to the body can help the body against a variety of free radicals caused by the degradation (aging) of the disease. The body's metabolism will continue to produce oxygen free radicals, air pollution, sunlight, radiation, drugs, etc. will also produce oxygen free radicals in the body. While the body's anti-free radical system with age will become increasingly declining. When the number of oxygen radicals increases suddenly or the amount of antioxidant system in the body is insufficient, the oxygen free radicals can not be completely eliminated. Oxygen free radicals and body cells in the fusion of macromolecules, the skin will lose elasticity, luster and wrinkles, skin aging. Therefore, we need to add lycopene, resistance to aging, enhance the immune system and reduce the incidence of the disease. Lycopene can also reduce pigmentation, reduce the degradation of the lens macular.

Lycopene by effective removal of free radicals in the body, prevention and repair of cell damage, inhibition of DNA oxidation, thereby reducing the incidence of cancer. Lycopene also has information on cell induction and cell growth regulation and other biochemical effects. It can induce cell communication, to ensure normal cell growth control signal transmission, regulation of tumor cell proliferation, play an anti-cancer effect. A large number of studies have shown that lycopene can effectively prevent liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer.

Lycopene on human health functions are as follows:

1, anti-aging function - human aging is caused by the destruction of free radicals on cells, and lycopene can release electrons to neutralize free radicals, play the role of anti-aging. Free radical is a small molecule, it contains at least one unpaired electron, the structure is relatively unstable, can capture the electrons on the cell, the cell oxidation. Lycopene by releasing an electron to free radicals and make it relatively stable. So lycopene can be fully used against various types of degenerative diseases

Second, anti-cancer function - both lycopene anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Harvard University School of Medicine for 47,000 healthy men made a 6-year study, the results showed that taking lycopene twice a week or more, the incidence of prostate cancer decreased by 21% to 34%. A comparison of the University of Illinois found that women with low lycopene in vivo than women with lycopene in women, the incidence of cervical cancer is more than 5 times higher.

Lycopene can reduce the body degenerative diseases such as lung, bladder, cervix, breast, ovary, prostate, skin and other tissues of cancer. In addition, lycopene can resist the harmful substances in cigarettes and automobile exhaust, improve the body immunity, improve the body function. The latest research shows that it also has the potential to combat AIDS.

Third, anti-cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases - US scientists found - lycopene, with the protection of the heart, prevent heart attack function. University of North Carolina epidemiologists and nutritionists organization more than a thousand middle-aged men to participate in a large-scale survey shows that: lycopene protect the heart of the beneficial effect is that it has a strong antioxidant effect; It reaches a certain content in the blood, can prevent free radical damage to cells, DNA and genes, can greatly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Lycopene has anti-blood fat oxidation, and can prevent atherosclerosis, can effectively reduce the incidence of heart disease more than 50%. With enhanced cardiac function.

Fourth, the prostate health function - Harvard Medical School on 72 lycopene and the relationship between the anti-cancer research were studied. The results show that 35 of them found that lycopene can prevent cancer, especially for prostate cancer, lung cancer and gastric cancer is effective, is the prevention of prostate cancer and various cancer health food.

5, breast health - lycopene can promote the healthy development of women's breasts. Reduce the incidence of mastitis, breast cancer.

6, to improve male reproductive function - healthy male testes, lycopene content is high, but in infertile men, testicular lycopene content is low. Lycopene can improve the quality of male sperm, male infertility in the treatment of unexplained reasons, has a significant effect.

7, super antioxidant - Lycopene is found in nature, the strongest kind of consumption of antioxidants, its role is β-carotene 2-3 times that of vitamin E, 100 times. The quenching of singlet oxygen and the ability to eliminate free radicals is the strongest, and these two substances is the most important reason for human aging.

Lycopene, the main active ingredient: Although we eat food containing lycopene, but these lycopene are present in the cells, can not be directly absorbed by our intestinal system. Because lycopene needs to be transported through the human body fat carrier can enter the human blood circulation, so only after bio-engineering processing of lycopene fat-soluble soft capsules, it is easy to go through the process of intestinal lipid absorption and absorption by the body. Lycopene once absorbed by the body into the blood circulation, immediately began to play on the human health function.

Because lycopene is a strong antioxidant pigment, it must be stored in the oil solvent, can long-term to maintain its antioxidant (in the case of dry, lycopene antioxidant will soon disappear).

US Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. selection of pure natural high-quality tomatoes; using the most advanced bio-engineering extraction technology; use of scientific formula refined from a high content of lycopene soft capsules LYCOPENE PLUS. Lycopene capsules each capsule content of more than 40 students of the content of tomatoes, adequate consumption of lycopene soft capsule to meet the nutritional needs of the human body.

Usage and dosage: 1. General health care: 1 time per day, 1-2 capsules each time. 2. Disease-assisted conditioning: 2 times a day, each 2.

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