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GNT  Kovomaca Capsules
GNT  Kovomaca Capsules
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GNT  Kovomaca Capsules
GNT  Kovomaca Capsules
GNT Kovomaca Capsules
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Diabetes is one of the top ten killers in Hong Kong. In 2017, 400 registered deaths were due to diabetes, of which 46.3% were men.
What is diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic disease. When the insulin secreted by the pancreas is insufficient or the insulin cannot function, blood sugar will be abnormally high, leading to diabetes.
The cause of diabetes is
currently not fully understood by the medical community, but the following factors increase the risk of diabetes:
• Overweight or obesity
• Lack of exercise
• Certain drugs or diseases can damage the pancreas and affect pancreatic secretion Insulin function
• Aging – most patients develop diabetes after 45 years of age
• Family inheritance –
a common symptom of diabetes in diabetic patients in the family
When the blood glucose content is too high, the following symptoms will appear:
• Frequent urination , Go to the toilet a lot at night
• unusual thirst
• easy to get tired
• weight loss
• blurred vision
• frequent infections diseases
diabetes complications
persistently high blood sugar levels can lead to:
• heart disease
• stroke
• kidney failure
• wounds infected by bacteria that cannot heal (Especially the feet), which will eventually require surgical removal
• Blindness
• Impotence
prevention methods
You can reduce the risk of diabetes by the following methods:
• Maintain a balanced diet, avoid high-sugar foods and eat more high-fiber foods;
• Regularly Do moderate exercise;
• Control weight;
• Get enough rest to avoid mental stress.