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Gluco Good (60 capsules)

Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
Gluco Good (60 capsules)
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Diabetes causes:

After the meal, the food in the digestive system is broken down into small molecules, producing glucose. Glucose transport through the blood to the body, insulin helps glucose enter cells in the body tissues, converted into energy or stored

Causes of diabetes is usually due to inadequate secretion of insulin the body cells to insulin or does not respond, so glucose can not be utilized properly, this rise in blood glucose levels. When high blood sugar can load to exceed the kidneys, glucose via the urine will be discharged ., the formation of secondary diabetic diet, exercise and effective nutritional supplements, can increase the patient's response to insulin, effective in preventing diabetes; for diabetes, it can help control the disease.

Diabetes symptoms:;

Increased urine output

Often thirsty

Physical excessive consumption of protein and fat the body, leading to weight loss

Susceptible to infection, wound healing

Easily tired, weak

Affected retina causing blurred vision

Affected peripheral nerves that lack of feeling

Peripheral vascular disease and gangrene, microvascular disease basement

Itchy skin, susceptible to fungal infection

Night leg pain, cramps, leg paralysis

The main ingredients Kang Yi pond

Fenugreek seeds mainly produced in South-Eastern Europe, West Asia, India, North Africa, the United States. Fenugreek seeds can be used for medicinal purposes, including galactomannan, can help control blood cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein, cardiovascular disease prevention and control of diabetes. Research indicates that fenugreek seeds help control insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetes blood sugar levels. Study recommends adding fenugreek seeds in the diet of diabetics, for help their condition.

India gymnema extracts containing active organic acid, the original in southern India. India's ancient physicians already know, as long as the number of pieces of chewing Gymnema leaves, can interfere with a sweet taste, it is also known [sugar killer] This herbal leaves and roots have a medical role, sugar and energy balance of the body to control appetite, help curb cells to absorb sugar, prevent sugar combined with carry sugar molecules in the human small intestine, so that the sugar excreted through the digestive system.

Barnabas leaf extract belongs to Lythraceae plants, ancient Filipinos know how to Barnabas dried leaves and brew for tea as a health drink daily regimen. Barnabas leaves contain unique plant acid Corosolic Acid , a variety of natural amino acids, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and other nutrients and tannins, polyphenols and other antioxidants, can accelerate the waste from the body, help regulate insulin secretions, blood sugar and Wen set. Japanese researchers have shown Corosolic Hao Acid can help patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus to improve glycemic control.

Chromium ions can effectively lower fasting blood glucose level, insulin can promote the use of chromium ions can prevent binding of glycogen and protein to prevent aging and many dangerous complications such as hardening of the arteries, etc., as well as other benefits including weight loss, burn fat, lowering blood sugar, blood lipids and strong muscles.

Cinnamon Lauraceae genus class is to help digest food herbs spices, it can provoke and promote the activity of insulin, help control blood sugar and cholesterol, improve antioxidant status, help stabilize blood sugar.

Dietary fiber is a polysaccharide composed of glucose molecules, is the main component of plant cell walls. It can promote intestinal peristalsis, which will help the feces and other functions to improve the non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients in the postprandial blood glucose is high.

Magnesium can reduce the severity of diabetic retinopathy due to illness arising from the study recommends that adequate magnesium can help control blood sugar.

I recommend taking weight:

Adult orally once a day, every 1-2 tablets, for health purposes or as directed by physician.

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