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Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)

Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
Kam Fu Tau Darike Oil (40ml)
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Jinhu head is black oil

Jinhu head is nigger oil by the Company for several decades of research, the use of premium mountain Shengyao carefully refined from its fragrant smell, strong penetration, Wanjun, enough to be the status quo, it is home travel medicine. Zhujun purchase, please identify trademarks, Shu not mistaken.

Adapt to relieve the following symptoms:

Traumatic swelling, Huoxue myogenic, numbness of the limbs, feet swollen foot pain, sore rotten


Swelling pain, muscle pain, blood circulation myogenic, mosquito bites bite, beat the old suffering, head poly arm pain, blood clogged, hit the accumulation of blood stasis, skin recuperation.


Rheumatic pain, rheumatism, dampness, bones and muscles pain, joint swelling and pain, bruises and sprains, exogenous headache, muscle pain, nameless swollen drugs, hand, foot cramps.

Dosage and use:

The number of drops in the affected area, with the fingertips in the right lesion at the use of pressure to slow rotation method, the first light and then heavy, patients should not feel the pain is appropriate, to make the lesion of the Jin Luo and muscle relaxation, blood gas flow. According to the disease of light, about ten to fifteen minutes massage use its power to accelerate the penetration, promote blood circulation, quick effect. Repeated three to four times a day in the above method until cured.


This product contains methyl salicylate (wintergreen oil), the use of this product, please note the following:

1) Pregnant women, children and skin drug sensitive patients with caution, or use the former physician consultation.

2) Children with colds, varicella or fever should avoid using methyl salicylate.

3) If there is an allergic reaction to methyl salicylate, consult a Chinese medicine practitioner or doctor before using this product.

4) If the use of sensitive redness, should be immediately disabled, to avoid touching the eyes and mucous membrane. If the cream accidentally into the eyes, please rinse with water.

5) because of the skin of the allergic to the ointment of varying degrees, the use of this product before the consultation of Chinese medicine practitioners or doctors.

Storage: Keep away from light.

Specifications: 20ml (ml) / 40ml (ml)


Methyl Salicytlate <RTIgt; 45% </ RTI>

Camphor Camphor Powder .................. 22.5%

Lavender Oil Lavender Oil .................. 2.5%

Other ingredients added to Other To ..................... 100%

Should not let the children access, only for external use.