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Cell-Pro Probiotics Plus (Child's Chewable)

Cell-Pro Probiotics Plus (Child's Chewable)
Cell-Pro Probiotics Plus (Child's Chewable)
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This product helps children gastrointestinal system development and enhance immune function.

This product is a dietary supplement for children's health which contains probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus, fructo-oligosaccharide prebiotics and natural vitamins c extracted from dog rose hip. This product is an effective gastrointestinal Shu, the use of natural sugar-free sweetener to protect the health of children's teeth.

Ingredients highlights

Lactobacillus acidophilus

It is a probiotic beneficial to the human body that protects the body from germs. Since Lactobacillus acidophilus breaks down food and produces lactic acid, it forms an acidic environment that is not suitable for the survival of harmful bacteria, so he can inhibit the growth and propagation of intestinal harmful bacteria.

Many people taking antibiotics will be recommended to supplement probiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria in the body, including beneficial bacteria, affecting the balance of bacteria in the gut. Taking probiotics can help restore the normal flora of the gut, thereby reducing the side effects of antibiotics.

2. Isofructose oligosaccharide prebiotics (FOS)

FOS is an undigested cellulose that can be found in different foods. Since there is no FOS-degrading enzyme in the human body, FOS can not be directly digested and absorbed, so it can pass through the small intestine and move to the large intestine and colon. Natural bacteria in the large intestine and colon have enzymes that break down FOS. FOS is decomposed and used by intestinal probiotics to promote the growth of lower intestinal bacteria, thereby improving digestion and assisting nutrient absorption, detoxification and excretion. Bifidobacteria is one of the bacteria that needs FOS to survive.

3 dog rose hip extract

Contains a lot of natural vitamin C and flavonoids. Flavonoids, a substance important to the human body, help to improve body functions and maintain the health of the vasculature and reduce the chances of microvascular damage. Vitamin C plus flavonoids have anti-oxidant function, can reduce the body by the external oxidation pressure. Helps relieve infections, colds and flu.

Health benefits

· Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system in children and adults

Helps suppress germs

Supplement the intestinal bacteria in probiotics due to reduce probiotics

Helps reduce the risk of eczema in children

Enhance the immune system

Recommended usage:

Children aged 2-6: chew 1-2 tablets daily

Children over 6 years and adults: 2-4 tablets per day

storage method:

Celsius 25 degrees below the dry shade.

Avoid children's mistake.