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Resveratrol 250 mg

Resveratrol 250 mg
Resveratrol 250 mg
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"Two thirds of people who take more than one type of nutritional supplements have resveratrol at the same time."

"Taking high-dose supplements effectively increases blood resveratrol levels over drinking only red wine."

Drops of alcohol do not stick, enjoy the health benefits of up to 1000 glasses of red wine!

French paradox: the power of resveratrol

The revolutionary research results from the Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health Geriatrics Research have successfully locked in a resveratrol that promotes health. Scientists believe that the efficacy of resveratrol could be explained by French paradox Paradoxical point: French people eat steak, French fries and other foods high in fat and calories, but their incidence of cardiovascular disease is relatively low! Scientists deduce that the phenomenon should be from the French habit of drinking red wine. While enjoying one or two glasses of wine is of course a pleasure, it is best to elicit the best results and take a high concentration of resveratrol supplements to promote health outcomes.

Why aging?

Aging is the inevitable process of biological decline with the passage of time. When the cells are metabolized, they release free radicals and other reactive oxides as by-products. Environmental factors such as pollution, toxins and ultraviolet radiation accelerate the formation of harmful by-products, attack healthy cells and destroy proteins and DNA. Infected and sick. The addition of resveratrol to the daily diet has been shown to slow the aging process, enhance muscle endurance and activate the long-lived factor SIRT1, thereby providing health benefits.

Resveratrol activates longevity factor

Resveratrol is a potent natural antioxidant that was named after the substance was found in the rhizomes of plant resveratrol in 1940, and later in plants such as giant knotweed, grape skins and berries Content Resveratrol. Researchers believe that resveratrol can activate healthy gears through the activation of long-lived factors, and then promote DNA self-repair, to help maintain normal cell metabolism, improve aerobic metabolism and muscle activity. Eating resveratrol improves overall antioxidant capacity and protects cells and organs.

Express youthful vigor from the inside out

Wrapped in the skin of the body surface, is to protect our first defense network, to resist a variety of external environmental pressures, including UV, cigarettes, car belching, heavy metals and so on numerous items. The skin layer consists of fatty acids, fatty acid structure vulnerable to environmental stress damage, affecting water lock function, make the skin becomes dry. Ultraviolet UVB in the sun can penetrate the skin surface, trigger the skin cells to create melanin formation of freckles, dull skin, accelerate aging.

A number of academic reports have pointed out that resveratrol can inhibit the formation of melanin, significantly reduce pigmentation, in addition to help to consolidate the fatty acid structure, prevent moisture loss of the skin, regain bright white skin dull skin, re-injection of water to achieve moisture effect. Oxidative stress in addition to skin aging, but also with atherosclerosis is closely related to the health of the heart, add resveratrol for cardiovascular calcification and animal atherosclerosis and enhance vascular function There is also evidence that resveratrol Cognitive ability helps, showing that resveratrol is a reliable companion to help you continuously release youth and healthy vitality from the inside out.

Recommended dosage:

Adults: 1 oral daily, 1-2 capsules each time