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Why do you want to take "German Dr. Wei Wei"?Colorful urban night, food and wine, mouth-watering food, it is hard to resist the temptation. In the health and diet how to choose, fashion food culture and can not get rid of color, smell, ...

Product Description

Why do you want to take "German Dr. Wei Wei"?

Colorful urban night, food and wine, mouth-watering food, it is hard to resist the temptation. In the health and diet how to choose, fashion food culture and can not get rid of color, smell, taste such production. Medical statistics show that eating habits and gallstones, kidney, bladder, urinary tract stones are closely related. Weight gain is an important factor in the incidence of hair cholesterol stones. Therefore, urban people pay more and more attention to prevention of liver, gallstones, liver and gallbladder and reduce the formation of kidney, bladder, urethral calculus, and more and more emphasis on the daily diet, health supplements and diet supplements.

What is the product composition?

Artichoke Dry Extract (2.5% Cynarin, ca. 1: 12)

Artichoke what are the benefits?

Artichoke-The early twentieth century, the pharmaceutical industry found cinnabar surprising utility, applied to gallstones, kidney, bladder, urethral stones, the result is exciting. Scientific research shows that artichoke contains a component called caffesyquinic acid, can enhance the activity of the liver to accelerate the decomposition of toxins released by the decomposition of free ammonia produced by the protein, while promoting liver cell regeneration, regulating bile secretion, and strengthen the fat Cell transformation and absorption, reduce blood viscosity, improve the fluidity of the liver bile, to avoid the formation of hepatolithiasis, artichoke contains other therapeutic ingredients: flavonoids, bitter, these curative substances have auxiliary cynin Protect hepatobiliary and liver detoxification function. The flavonoids have a very strong physiological effects, flavonoids can regulate the production of harmful low-density lipoprotein, as well as slow down the formation of gallstones, kidney, bladder, urethral calculus crystals. Eat regular artichoke helps to improve gastrointestinal function, adjust the elasticity of bile duct, reduce cholesterol saturation in bile, improve intestinal loop, all-round defensive stone formation, relieve the discomfort and pain caused by stones.

What are the benefits to human health from taking "Granville Germany"?

- Helps relieve the formation of primary liver and gallstones

- Helps relieve the formation of stones after hepatobiliary surgery

- Promote blood circulation, improve kidney stones, urethral stones

- Helps to relieve urinary bladder illnesses caused by kidney stones

- Regulate bile secretion

- Liver and gallbladder

- Activation of liver cells

- Improve bad appetite

Those people suitable for taking?

1. Intrahepatic bile duct stones, gallstone person.

2. Kidney, bladder, urethral calculus.

3. The family has liver, gallstones.

4 emphasis on healthy diet.

5. Eat fried people.

6. Obese people.

7. Three highs.

Often entertainment people.

Lack of athletes.

10. Drinking water shortage.

Intrahepatic bile duct stones, gallstone high risk groups should pay attention to:

1. Regular meals three meals;

2. eat more high-fiber diet, reduce high-calorie food intake;

3 to avoid unreasonable rapid weight loss;

4. Appropriate to increase the movement.

Kidney stones, bladder stones and urinary tract stones should pay attention to high-risk groups:

1. a lot of water, more than 2000 ml per day;

2. Minimize consumption of meat

3. Increase the absorption of food cellulose.

The Product is suitable for people: This Product is intended for people concerned about gallstones, kidney, bladder or urethral stones.

Suggest: Adults take 1 capsule twice daily ( one in the morning and one in the evening ), or the dosage recommended by your doctor.

Note: Often need to used drugs or who are allergic to ingredients of products, please consult your doctor before taking.

Package: Each box contains 150 capsules, each capsule contains 400mg.

Storage: Store in a dry cool place below 25C and keep out of reach of children.

Carefully produced with advanced technology under GMP standards, 
this product is guaranteed to be safe for consumption.

This Product is produced in Germany under the authorization of Dr.Dukle White Company.