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Omega 3 is an unsaturated fatty acid, EPA and DNA are among the strongest. The body must take fish but cannot absorb its own Made. But some children monophagia, and marine pollution caused by many high heavy metals in fish. This product through the detection of heavy metals, is the best choice of Omega 3. Method of usage: direct swallow or chew or..


product information View original Japanese page product name DHC Melilotus officinalis 40 tablets 20 minutes raw material Olive oil, herbal extract at the end of Java tea extract, Ginkgo biloba extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, capsicum extract Nutritional ingredients (1 day per day: 2 capsules 910 mg) Heating:..

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Recently, the hottest slimming product in Japan-PILLBOX ONAKA Dietary Nutrient for Lower Abdomen Fat Reduction, which is specifically aimed at waist and abdomen, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. According to the official clinical verification, the waist and abdomen have been reduced by about 20 cm in 3 months, and the weight will also decrease...


"Two thirds of people who take more than one type of nutritional supplements have resveratrol at the same time.""Taking high-dose supplements effectively increases blood resveratrol levels over drinking only red wine."Drops of alcohol do not stick, enjoy the health benefits of up to 1000 glasses of red wine!French paradox: the power of resveratrolT..


Added 10 billion active lactic acid bacteria FK-23 upgraded green juice  imported from Japan, natural Japanese barley leaves, 100% free of pesticide residues, and added active lactic acid bacteria FK-23 ingredients (1 bag = 10 billion) to supplement your vegetables Fiber, detoxification and beauty, while regulating intestinal balance, good tas..


. Accelerate gastrointestinal motility, discharge waste toxins, and block the absorption of food fat  . Break down the body index, expel excess fat, and promote cell material metabolism, accelerate the burning of body fat ***The effect varies from person to person, and a balanced diet and moderate exercise are required. Precautions: 1. Plea..

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