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Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Lesichol Forte - 10 capsules
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Taking it before drinking can effectively break down alcohol, increase alcohol tolerance, alleviate hangover symptoms, lower liver enzyme levels, and relieve liver burden. It is a liver-protective supplement that allows you to enjoy drinking without harming your liver.Usage:For quitting alcohol: Tak..
Hangover Rescue - 10 capsules
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Hangover is the condition that drinkers least want to experience, with common symptoms including fatigue, nausea, headache, thirst, and irritability. The main cause of a hangover is the accumulation of alcohol in the body due to poor liver function and a lack of the necessary enzymes to metabolize a..
Yee On Tong KIN WAI PILL are used by people as a home remedy throughout the world, the ingredients of KIN WAI PILL consist of the latest and most expensive drugs to ensure fast effective relief against various types of stomach disorder. INDICATIONS:Indigestion, abdominal fullness, vomitin..
Advance Ulance Tablets 20Mg (15pcs)
OriginHong KongProduct DescriptionEase hyperacidity, dyspepsia, indigestion, heartburn and stomach ache..
Lacteol fort Sachets (6 sachets)
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LACTEOL FORT SACHETSLactéol fort® is an effective postbiotic treatment for diarrhoea, in both children and adults. Lacteol fort has been prescribed by hospitals and doctors for 30 years in Hong Kong. Lacteol fort helps to relieve a wide range of gut problems including acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhe..
Lacteol fort Capsules (12 Capsules)
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Lactéol fort® is an effective postbiotic treatment for diarrhoea, in both children and adults. Lacteol fort has been prescribed by hospitals and doctors for 30 years in Hong Kong. Lacteol fort helps to relieve a wide range of gut problems including acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, IBS, antibiotic-a..
Metamucil comes from 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber to help your body naturally detox. Metamucil forms a fibre gel in your body, traps wastes and helps soften stool. It helps relieve constipation, and helps you feel lighter and more active. Overall, Metamucil promotes your gut health.- Helps your body ..
Myda-B Natural Plus GermanyThis product is all natural. One of the ingredients, uva ursi, is natural and helps to cleanse harmful residuals in the human body. The other ingredient, cranberry, consists of Vitamin A, C, E, tannic acid and phosphorous, etc. They have the best antioxidant and purifying ..
Hiya Kiogan Gold (500 Pills)
-18 %
Japan's ancient name drug, gold Litong Wu Qiying pills, according to ancient Chinese medicine, prepared by the modern scientific method. This medicine is the traditional Chinese medicine formula derived from the China principle, then dissolve the factory to be prepared ancestral experience. So dysfu..
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Product Introduction"German GLQ-10 Powerful Cerebrolysin" is a brand-new formula for cerebrovascular circulation and metabolism. It is equipped with advanced high-tech pharmaceutical procedures and is produced with high-quality GMP through German rigorous pharmaceutical procedures. The p..
[Product]: the GLOBELab-German MCT Xiaoshi Su 150 capsules[Product introduction]:Super strong gold formula, liquid capsules are easy to absorb.For patients with small kidney stones that do not require surgery. [Recommended usage]:Health care: Adults take 1-2 capsules orally twice ..
The liver is an important organ for detoxification and detoxification in the human body. It is responsible for toxic substances and excretion to the human body. It detoxifies all chemical toxins that enter the body, such as alcohol, drugs, and food additives, and maintains the normal activities of v..
Senokot Senna Laxative 60 Tablets
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Senokot is a laxative made with senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, for a laxative that is gentle on the bowel.Instructions: Adults and children over 12 years old: use two tablets at night. Children over six years old: Please follow the doctor's ins..
PrevNext Health Express Immune EnhanceFunction:Activating immune cells, enhancing immunity and traditional chemotherapy drugs have complementary effects, reducing side effects. In the course of anti-cancer treatment, by enhancing the function of the immune system, it relieves the adverse reactions c..
Ingredients:Ginseng 6%, Pearl powder 7%, Cinnamon 14%, Gallus gallus domesticus 18% Rhubarb 12%, Tinhusa 15%, Gentian 18%, Licorice 10%.Efficacy: old and new stomach pain, bloating, gas, gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, indigestion, duodenitis, abdominal pain and various acute and chronic gastritis,..
German special effect Shenling is a herbal preparation that does not contain chemicals and is absolutely non-toxic. Clinical experiments have confirmed that it has significant effects on acute and chronic nephritis.The kidney basically operates like a filter. When the body's blood circulates t..
<p>Causes and symptoms: The function of the kidneys is to help the body clean blood and filter excess substances, which flow into the bladder and enter the urethra to be excreted from the body. Most of the stones are inside the kidneys (kidney mengs, kidney cups) to produce inflow and excretio..
Relieve heartburn, indigestion, hyperacidity, bloating and stomach pain caused by the above conditionsFree of artificial colors and fragrancesWill not cause constipation..
Japan Jinyong Sea Dog Antler Daibu Wan Huang 300 Capsules
-41 %
Function: Nourishing blood and qiUsage: Adults take 5-6 capsules once, twice a day, once before meals in the morning and before going to bed at night, with warm water.Preservation method: Store in a cool, dry and out of reach of childrenSpecification: 300 capsules/bottlePlease see the description fo..
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Germany Natural Plus 150 Capsules
-34 %
Strong Lishisu is obtained from clinical experiments in the medical field through advanced technology and specialized scientific research. It can indeed dissolve small stones or cause stones to be discharged naturally. It has the same effect as Western therapy; for various stones that cause digestiv..
HKD$230.00 HKD$350.00
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