Warming Yang and Dispelling Cold

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Application: stroke closed cold, cold limbs, and become unconscious, and gas lift. Function: wind phlegm. Usage and dosage: oral. Every one to two pills, two times a day, even in three times a day, with warm boiling water. The pill, pill or chewed to take. Made in Hongkong..


Kyoto niancian scientific Chinese medicine with natural herbs refined, Kyoto niancian gegentang natural ingredients, clothing will not keep the working efficiency be sleepy straws. Independent packaging, warm water that is rushed to the service, catering to the busy pace of life of the city, to facilitate health. Suitable: runny nose, stuffy nose,..


Bo Ying Dan is a good pediatric medicine, which is refined from a variety of precious medicinal materials. It is neither cold nor dry. Take it once a week to make the baby lively and healthy. The function mainly treats night screaming, abdominal pain, phlegm delay, stagnation, vomiting, nausea, cough, shortness of breath, cold and fever, no food or..


Strengthen vitality, remove summer evils, regulate intestines and stomach, relieve vomiting and diarrhea Indications for summertime exogenous feelings, fever and chills, heatstroke, headache, internal injury, diet, abdominal distension, vomiting and diarrhea, chest fullness, abdominal pain, retching, nausea. Origin: China Ingredients: patchouli..

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Pat Po Keng Foong Powder is a good pediatric medicine, which is made from a variety of precious medicinal materials. Adaptation: The child is abruptly convulsed, phlegm and saliva stagnation. Functions and indications: cold and cold, upper wind cough, night crying, startled night, vomiting without eating, eating stagnant milk. Dosage: Take three..


Yinxiang Cold Pueraria Decoction Relieve sweating, relieve wind and cold. Used for exogenous fever, headache, no sweat, shoulder, neck and back pain...

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