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Warming Yang and Dispelling Cold

Wing Ming Medical - Wing Ming Mellow Cooler (8 Sachets)
Wing Ming Mellow Cooler is suitable for relieving common cold, fever, cough and muscle pain. Simply add warm water and stir well. Convenient pack and easy for dinking. Tasty drink without bitterness. Suitable for all ages to drink at four seasons.Proprietary Chinese Medicine Registration Number: HKP..
Strengthen vitality, remove summer evils, regulate intestines and stomach, relieve vomiting and diarrhea Indications for summertime exogenous feelings, fever and chills, heatstroke, headache, internal injury, diet, abdominal distension, vomiting and diarrhea, chest fullness, abdominal pain, retchin..
Nin Jiom Cold Remedy Concentrated Granules (10 packs)
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Kyoto niancian scientific Chinese medicine with natural herbs refined, Kyoto niancian gegentang natural ingredients, clothing will not keep the working efficiency be sleepy straws. Independent packaging, warm water that is rushed to the service, catering to the busy pace of life of the city, to faci..
Application: stroke closed cold, cold limbs, and become unconscious, and gas lift.Function: wind phlegm.Usage and dosage: oral. Every one to two pills, two times a day, even in three times a day, with warm boiling water. The pill, pill or chewed to take.Made in Hongkong..
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