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Expel wind and dampness

*Improve moisture-sensitive redness and dryness*Add patented perilla seed ingredients*Remove skin moisture, heat and poisonProduct Details:"龜苓救膚紓" uses the standard ingredients of Guiling paste promulgated by the "National Health Department" as the formula basis, and is compatible with a variety of ..
Features and effects: This product uses Tongkat Ali produced in the virgin forests of the sandy soils of the Malay Equator, and the wild black maca in the alpine mountains of Peru. The ratio is 5:1. According to the effect of the ingredients, the surplus is used to make up for the deficiencies. Beco..
 Introduction: Indications of blood deficiency headache, migraine, dizziness, heavy head, or temple painOrigin: Hong KongIngredients: Angelica, Qianghuo, Rehmannia glutinosa, wolfberry, white flower gum, cordyceps, pearl powder, antelope horn  Specification: 3.75 grams per box, 6 b..
IndicationsTo expel wind-evil and relax the tendons, activate the tendons, eliminate wetness. Pains in the limbs and trunk, insensitivity of hands and feet, dysphasia, these due to wind-cold-wetness type of arthralgia.IngredientsAgkistrodon(processed with wine), Calculus Bovis Artificial,..
Powerful and active medicinePowerful Big Active PillMost urban people have long working hours and incorrect posture at work, which leads to long-term muscle contraction , and the stimulation of the accumulation of its metabolite lactic acid makes the muscles cramp and stiff. Local organizations ..
Application: stroke closed cold, cold limbs, and become unconscious, and gas lift.Function: wind phlegm.Usage and dosage: oral. Every one to two pills, two times a day, even in three times a day, with warm boiling water. The pill, pill or chewed to take.Made in Hongkong..
Eucommia to Wujiapi of nourishing liver and kidney, kidney water foot can fire, liver blood and can raise the bar, eucommia, Loranthaceae qiangjinjiangutang. The drug interactions, which can simply and tonifying the liver and kidney, strong waist and weak. Blood stasis, strong bones.Suitable: back..
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