To clear the lungs and throat, resolve phlegm and relieve cough

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Kyoto niancian Chuanbei Zhisousan can cough phlegm and nourishing lung, assist in repair of the respiratory tract mucosa. In the late cold, phlegm may cause stomach retention, postnasal drip. Chuanbei Zhisousan can help clear the stomach of sputum, cough expectorant effect. Suitable: cough phlegm, shortness of breath, sputum white sticky or yellow..


This product is YISHION's natural quality of Chinese herbal medicine, the strict quality control system. Flushing instant, convenient use. Easy to absorb, and retain the original flavor and efficacy. This product should be used for infection caused by inflammation of the symptoms or early cold, fever, headache, cough, chest tightness, sore throat. ..


Chinese name: Bakcaotong Wei Qi Dingchuan Pills 100 Capsules Product introduction: Shortness of breath, asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, cough and sputum, dyspnea, etc. Usage: Administration: Adults take three capsules each time, twice daily. Children's discretion is halved. Product details taken after meals: invigorate qi and strengthen lun..

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Qilisan is a good medicine for pediatrics. This medicine is made from a variety of precious medicinal materials. It is neither cold nor dry. Take it once a week to make the baby lively and healthy. Adaptation: To clear away heat and shock, expel wind and phlegm. Functions and indications: cold and fever, stagnation of phlegm. Dosage: Take once a da..


Manfutang three snake gall and chuanbei tangerine peel, 12 bottles..


Sanshedan Chuanbei Liquid Have you ever tried a long cough? Coughing day and night, even when sleeping, coughing up to the point of coughing up the internal organs, affecting not only sleep but also daily life. If you can prescribe the right medicine in the early stage of coughing, you can prevent the disease from getting worse and prevent the pro..

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