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Belonging to the pediatric drug, mainly used for the treatment of children with colds, gastrointestinal discomfort and other related symptoms. Applicable: Shufeng heat, phlegm Dingjing, children cold, cold attacks, food stagnation heat caused by fever with chills, sneezing, runny nose, cough, stomach upset and crying easily frightened, restless sl..

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 Jigong medicine founder He Fuqing development and production in 1936, formerly known as the ""Death Star pain"", has been decades of history. Folk ""Jigong, Jigong, pain not five minutes"" reputation, selling the country and Southeast Asia and other countries. Sales volume ranks first in the national medicine powder, has become one of the pil..

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Jigong Paracetamol Caffeine and Aspirinpowder, which is the original antipyretic analgesic powder Jigong medicine founder He Fuqing development and production in 1936, formerly known as the ""Death Star pain"", has been decades of history. Folk ""Jigong, Jigong, pain not five minutes"" reputation, selling the country and Southeast Asia and other co..


Suitable: shaoyang disease, between cold and heat, silently appetite, upset vomiting, mouth pain, dry throat, dizziness. Function: shaoyang. Usage and dosage: Adults (fifteen years of age or older) daily doses of nine grams. Two times a day, each time a packet (four point five grams). The particles into the mouth to warm boiling water delivery se..


This product is YISHION's natural quality of Chinese herbal medicine, the strict quality control system. Flushing instant, convenient use. Easy to absorb, and retain the original flavor and efficacy. This product should be used for infection caused by inflammation of the symptoms or early cold, fever, headache, cough, chest tightness, sore throat. ..


Highlight : Clear heat, eliminate toxins and benefit the throat Suitable for people concerned about cold fever, headache, joint pain, surfeit with food Origin : China Ingredients : Agastache rugosa, lotus leaf, cloth dregs leaf, licorice, parsnip, baicalin, gardenia, honeysuckle, pueraria, gerbera, kudzu root, Elsholtzia, bamboo leaves, arte..


Ingredients: Patchouli, Elsholtzia, Angelica dahurica, Perilla leaves, Cangzhu, clove, dried tangerine peel, etc. Features Remove heat and dampness, relieve the surface and neutralize. Indications Used for internal heat and dampness, aversion to fever caused by heat and cold, headache without sweating, lazy limbs, nausea and vomiting, abdomi..


Japanese Cyula Chaga Pills Product code: B603_AM Size: 100 capsules Features: This product is purchased from raw materials, finished products and quality inspections are carried out in Japan. High-quality Chaga is strictly selected and made into tablets and tablets in its own factory approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Pharmaceutical..


effect: Relieve respiratory infections, relieve symptoms of aphthous ulcers, oral injury, inflammation, prickly heat, sores, abscesses, sore throats caused by colds, and gynecological inflammations. Usage: Adults 3-4 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time, 1 capsule each time under 10 years old. Specification: 10 capsules/box..


Application: typhoid fever, colds, influenza, acute tonsillitis, measles, mumps, early mumps, erysipelas, sore throat, cough, fever, headache, toothache, sore throat and chest tightness, urine turbidity, thirst, Akame, herpes angina and acute infantile eczema, endometrial inflammation. Usage and dosage: adults and twelve years of age or older 3 ti..

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Qilisan is a good medicine for pediatrics. This medicine is made from a variety of precious medicinal materials. It is neither cold nor dry. Take it once a week to make the baby lively and healthy. Adaptation: To clear away heat and shock, expel wind and phlegm. Functions and indications: cold and fever, stagnation of phlegm. Dosage: Take once a da..


This product is refined with pure natural plants, soothing wind and surface, clearing heat and detoxification, and enhancing body resistance. It is used for wind-heat and cold, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, body aches, and has no adverse reactions to the human body. It is a must-have product for home...


Beijing Yinqiao Jiedu Tablets (Sugar-coated Tablets) Product Name: Special Beijing Yinqiao Jiedu Tablets Function :  Heat-clearing station. Indications: fever, fever  caused by wind and cold , headache, lazy limbs, cough, dry mouth, sore throat . Specifications: 50 tablets per bottle , core weight 0.35 g per tablet . Usage and dosage..


Features: Strengthen the vitality, remove summer evils, regulate the intestines and stomach Indications: In summer, catching cold, hurting food, gastrointestinal discomfort, relieve headache and abdominal pain. How to: Take it when you get sick, shake it well and take it with cold boiled water. Contraindications: Don't eat cold and greasy...


Ingredients: Coptis, mint, Nepeta ears, gypsum, Nepeta (fried), Chuanxiong, Rhubarb, Inula, Gardenia, Angelica dahurica, Chrysanthemum, etc. Function: antipyretic, fire-extinguishing, dispelling wind Indications: dizziness, tooth root swelling and pain, throat swelling, dry stool. Dosage: Take four tablets each time, once a day, with warm water. St..


Efficacy: Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids mixed hemorrhoids, undergraduate patent medicine has the effects of astringent, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, pain relief and itching, blood stasis and blood, and gastrointestinal harmony. Indications: Anal swelling and pain, prolapse of hemorrhoids, internal and external hemorrhoids, bl..

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[Blood Treatment and Elimination] The old-brand hemorrhoid medicine is a Japanese 80-old hemorrhoid specialist, Dr. Sawada Sheho. After decades of clinical experience, repeated experiments and research and improvement, it mainly eliminates internal and external stubborn hemorrhoids and relieves them. Blood in the stool, tingling, ulcers without sur..


product name Strong Ganmaoling (Beijing Medicine) main ingreadient Wild chrysanthemum, Radix isatidis, menthol, gangme root, honeysuckle, three-branched bitter, five-finger tangerine. main effect Antipyretic and analgesic. Used for headache, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat caused by colds. Produc..

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Features: Clear heat and detoxify, dispel wind and relieve pain. Indications: It is used for sores in the mouth and tongue, red eyes, swelling and pain, wind, fire, toothache, and throat pain caused by stomach fire and lung and stomach heat accumulation. Usage and dosage: Oral: two tablets each time, two to three times a day...


Xinliang relieves the surface, clears heat and detoxify. Relieve the symptoms of wind-heat, headache, fever, cough, dry mouth, sore throat, etc. Origin: Hong Kong Ingredients: Platycodon, honeysuckle, burdock seeds (fried), light tempeh, forsythia, mint, licorice, nepeta, light bamboo leaves Weight: 100 pieces Expiry date: please refer to the..

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main ingredient: Artificial bezoar, toad venom, borneol, isatis root powder, etc. Functions and indications: Detoxification. Symptoms are throat swelling and pain and difficulty swallowing. Taboo: Pregnant women specification: 10 bottles per box. Each bottle has a net weight of 0.3 grams. 100 capsules per bottle. Registration number of prop..


Beijing Yinqiao Jiedu Tablets ( Sugar-coated Tablets ) Product Name: Special Beijing Yinqiao Jiedu Tablets Function :  heat-clearing table. Indications: fever, headache, lazy limbs,  cough, dry mouth, sore throat caused by wind-heat and cold. Specifications: 50 tablets per bottle , with a core weight of 0.35 grams per tablet . Dosage..


Lei Shi-Liu Shen Wan [Composition] artificial musk [15%], bezoar [15%], cinnabar [15%], realgar [20%], toad [2G%], others [15%]. [Function]: Clearing away heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. 【Scope of application】It is used for milk moth (tonsillitis), sore throat, boil, fever, carbuncle and back, unnamed swelling and poiso..

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Clear heat and detoxify, dispel wind and relieve pain. Used for mouth and tongue, red eyes, swelling and pain, toothache, sore throat and other ulcers. Origin: Hong Kong Ingredients: bezoar, licorice, cohosh, borneol, rhubarb, platycodon, gypsum, etc.   Weight: 100 pieces Validity period: please refer to the package Storage method: Please..


*Improve moisture-sensitive redness and dryness*Add patented perilla seed ingredients*Remove skin moisture, heat and poisonProduct Details:"龜苓救膚紓" uses the standard ingredients of Guiling paste promulgated by the "National Health Department" as the formula basis, and is compatible with a variety of herbal Chinese medicine improvements aimed at skin..

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