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When BB sleeps and cries at night, it will affect parents' sleep quality. Derived gold-packed children's double-material Qixing tea granule granules are selected from ingredients such as Yizhiren, mulberry leaves, orange red, coix seed, etc., which are homologous in medicine and food. Without sucros..
 In addition to drinking milk powder, baby still needs to absorb other nutrients to strengthen the body. Derived gold-packed children's double-material open milk tea granules are selected from the same medicine and food as nootropic kernels, yam, orange red, Gallus gallus domesticus and other i..
Hin Sang Clear Well Flower-Tower Candy selects ingredients such as malt extract, grain sprout extract, ebony extract, hawthorn extract and other ingredients of the same medicine and food. The belly is clean and dried, the BB grows fast, and the taste is sweet and delicious. The products are individu..
BB often drink milk to produce heat, the accumulation of heat affects the absorption of BB. The products are selected from yam, tuckahoe, malt, honeysuckle, orange red, lily, fresh white grass root, hawthorn, alpinia, polygonatum, no sucrose , BB is hot, lively and elf. The products are individually..
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