Blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol control

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Function: protect the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, suitable for three elderly people. Usage and dosage: take 2 capsules per meal Australia Made..


Application: Patients with liver disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood lipids in patients with hypertension Usage and dosage: adult 2-5 tablets per day, it is recommended to eat before meals or eating, can be more effective absorption. Made in Australia..


Applicable: Low immunity. High blood pressure, high blood lipids, coronary heart disease in the elderly population. People need to resist protein, clear blood and intestinal toxins. Function: Effective removal of toxins, strong anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, anti fatigue, anti-aging. Usage and dosage: 1-2 times per day, each time 1-2 tablets. ..


Application: high blood sugar, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, the elderly Function: assist to reduce blood fat, assist to reduce blood sugar Usage and dosage: take three capsules as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a physician. Made in China..


Itoh blood net as a new generation of enhanced version, available formula, a new generation of tonic. This product is a natural herbal ingredients, does not contain any Western medicine ingredients, without any side effects, suitable for long-term use. New quick acting formula, German Made, confidence guarantee. This product is mainly for blood pr..


Garlic has been thousands of years ago the ancients as a health food. In the last century, Germany, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, Bulgaria and Chinese scientists, has hundreds of studies have reported that raw garlic after processing science and technology, has confirmed more than 20 active ingredients, including sulfur, adenosine, soap..


Name: Bonlife Redyeast (120 capsules) Bonlife Redyeast (120 capsules) swept away three high concern for cholesterol, lipids persons takingThis product is made from rice refining natural fermentation, no chemical composition, full of natural products in the world of nutrition determine red yeast rice can effectively enhance [function of interna..


DE-TOX GUAVA TEA is made from natural pomegranate fruit industry, leaves and special tea leaves, with no medicine or any chemical composition.DE-TOX GUAVA TEA preserves a variety of natural ingredients of pomegranate. Supply of nutrients needed by the body, long-term consumption, reduce thirst, fatigue, suitable for people concerned about bloo..


Diabetes is an endocrine disorder, the main body of insulin secretion, lead to high blood sugar, to promote carbohydrates, fat and protein metabolism disorders, can not effectively bring blood glucose into the cells to provide energy, patients are usually too high blood sugar phenomenon.Adaptation:Pre-diabetes, type II diabetes, diabetes-induced va..


Diabetes causes:After the meal, the food in the digestive system is broken down into small molecules, producing glucose. Glucose transport through the blood to the body, insulin helps glucose enter cells in the body tissues, converted into energy or storedCauses of diabetes is usually due to inadequate secretion of insulin the body cells to insulin..

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Diabetes is one of the top ten killers in Hong Kong. In 2017, 400 registered deaths were due to diabetes, of which 46.3% were men.   What is diabetes Diabetes is a chronic disease. When the insulin secreted by the pancreas is insufficient or the insulin cannot function, blood sugar will be abnormally high, leading to diabetes.   The cause..


Qi and blood Qufeng analgesic strong gluten Zhuanggu"Bulls secret through blood Pills" is to help the blood circulation, reducing virtual fire, clearing blood network, reduce the chance of cerebral congestion. Can rule out the body harmful toxins, disperse stasis of blood coagulation, enhance blood donation function, have a considerable effect.Caus..


Harvard breakthrough scientific research is not a dreamAging is the natural enemy of life. Harvard University research pointed out: With age, the nucleus of the "generator" a mitochondrial function decline, the body's ability to make NAD + Nogal factor decreased, resulting in wrinkles, muscle relaxation, fat accumulation, and heart disease, hyperte..

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