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[Blood Treatment and Elimination] The old-brand hemorrhoid medicine is a Japanese 80-old hemorrhoid specialist, Dr. Sawada Sheho. After decades of clinical experience, repeated experiments and research and improvement, it mainly eliminates internal and external stubborn hemorrhoids and relieves them..
Function: can quickly relieve the pain caused by the internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, swelling, and Huang Huang and unreasonable.Usage: 2 times a day, sooner or later the 1 timeMade in Germany..
This product uses a variety of natural precious herbs in refined, concentrated technology with the most advanced, through oral approach, to achieve better results than the use of topical creams, method is simple and convenient, no side effects, safe and reliable.Applicable: Hemorrhoids external he..
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100% pure natural ingredients, no significant side effects.Applicable: Internal or external hemorrhoids (bleeding or no bleeding), pain, itching and discomfort.Function: Lubrication, detumescence, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Can promote the damaged rectal mucosa and Fuyuan and he..
This product is Germany hemorrhoid therapy, obvious effect, no side effects, patients can be at ease use.Applicable: Hemorrhoids external hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids hemorrhoids prolapse, new old pain of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, tong head intestinal intestinal bleeding, pain, itching after severe co..
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