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Dizziness, headache

This ointment can rapidly penetrate the muscle tissue, and promoting blood circulation can massage, relieve muscle tension, back soft, improve joint mobility, especially before and after exercise, and damaged, flexion and extension is not suitable, excessive force, effect. Effect; Before and after ..
the choice of authentic Chinese medicine extracted from authentic, functional, efficacious, smell fragrant different, oil crystal clean does not stick, do not dirty clothes. Indications: Dampness bone pain, bruises bruises, hand, foot paralysis, Jin Luo shrinkage, waist and leg pain, limb swelling ..
Analgesic tyrants Features: Shujin active, pain, wind and cold-dispelling, swelling in addition to Bi, blood circulation, relieve old suffering, refreshing Xingnao. Indications: Pain, numbness, limb numbness, back pain, bruises and sprains, joint stiffness, stasis bruises, soup fire burns, muscl..
DIRECTIONS For External Application Only-Apply 2 or 3 drops on affected area, massage gently. If necessary. Repeat the process every three hours. CAUTION & WARNING If the symptoms persist, or redness is present, consult a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the wound, eyes and mucous membran..
The formula is your best choice for the end of the muscle and various parts, in the fastest and shortest time to relieve muscle soreness and injury, body joints pain, muscle sprain, muscle pain, muscle pain and other long bones, the most effective. Function: This product penetration strong, for win..
Grass oil with the finest prescription with a variety of valuable drugs, refined by the teacher carefully from the old injury of the new injury, cold have effect, is essential for home travel medicine. This product since its inception, by domestic and overseas overseas Chinese compatriots trust the ..
Jinhu head is black oil Jinhu head is nigger oil by the Company for several decades of research, the use of premium mountain Shengyao carefully refined from its fragrant smell, strong penetration, Wanjun, enough to be the status quo, it is home travel medicine. Zhujun purchase, please identify trad..
Jinhu skull spike oil Jinhu skull oil is the study of the Company for several decades, the selection of premium mountain Shengyao carefully refined, the smell fragrant, strong penetration, Wanjun, enough to be the status quo, it is home travel medicine. Zhujun purchase, please identify trademarks, ..
Jinhu head is white oil This oil is the use of fine Chinese herbal medicine root coupled with a variety of valuable medicinal herbs, carefully refined from the teacher, the new injury old, back pain can be combined, is a home travel standing medicine. Therefore, since the advent of buyers who come ..
The large class Hua Tuo oil Hua Tuo oil is a natural medicine proved to relieve pain, with the effect of Xiao Tong swelling, and can promote metabolism and blood circulation, maintain muscle, hand, foot and the normal activities, for the wet arthritis, acute pain associated with low back pain, are ..
Indications: Effective relief the pains of joints, scald, muscles, burns, cuts,  swelling, sprain, cramp and bites. Dosage: Apply to the affected area until fully absorbed, 2-3 times daily. For external use only.    Formula成份:(每100ml含以下百分比) 樟脑粉 Camphor powder ……&hell..
Luofu Mountain Herbs Oil is the Taoist town of mountain medicine, the division has been more than two thousand years. Ancient and modern treatment of all countless. I bow to follow the teacher's teachings. Out of this drug. For the convenience of the world. Purdue beings. Where home travel, can ..
Merry oil is used in decocting Wang Road, Chinese medicine, extracted from the factory for decades of experience and multi-trial to prove that a wide range of efficacy, the temperature of the drug, non-toxic, that Dieda stab wounds, Good medicine. Adapt to relieve the following symptoms: Dizziness..
Application: traumatic rheumatism, skin diseases, emergency stop bleeding, burns, acne pimples, innominate toxic swelling, throat teeth pain, and pneumonia, whooping cough Usage: a fairy use should not paint on a large range, are advised to mix in a thick cloth, and then deposited in the affected a..
Ricoles Peppermint cure
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 flying man flying man potion is a famous French Lijia pharmaceutical factory production, marketing all over the world. More than 100 years. With its mild flavor fragrance and is suitable for people to travel home in China, so in addition to marketing in France and its territory, overseas Chine..
HKD$39.00 HKD$45.00
Goldboss Shang Zi Biao Shang Biao Oil is Singapore and Hong Wei pharmaceutical and agent of the famous oil, the oil is the medicine of rare traditional Chinese medicine, with advanced scientific methods formulated, mild and fragrant taste, out of the ordinary marketing around the world. Applicable:..
Relieves muscle aches & fatigue  Non-greasy High penetration Natural fragrance smell   成份: Citronella oil  Peppermint oil Lavender oil  Tea Tree oil Theyme oil Plai oil   Indications: For relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with..
It is suitable for oil massage, relieves body ache, and can smear the skin. It can be used to massage the skin. It can be applied to the skin. In the body does not apply to the site. Indications: Muscle soreness, hands and feet numb, bruises, motion sickness, skin irritation, long blisters or rash..
Thrives Carsick Paste (6 pieces)Efficacy: to prevent or mitigate motion sickness (motion sickness, seasickness, airsick) caused by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms.How to use: 1 hour before the start of the posted a position in the ear, the effective eight hours..
For External Use Only Opes menjembvhkon segalo penjakit dikulit / dibodon dengon tjepat sekall. Seperti sakit bisul, luko, bengkok, luko, kebakaran, digigit oleh binorong, gotal, kekokuon, sakit perut, kepols, gigi, kuping, sakit leher, dada, salah vrot, dan sebogainja. Minjak qosop Tjap Wintex Ton..
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