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Insect bites

ApplicationsDispel wind, remove obstruction of the meridians and collaterals, analgesic, ease swelling. Temporarily relieve minor ache and pain associated with sprain and strain of joint and muscle.DIRECTIONSApply 2 to 3 drops on affected area 2 to 3 times daily. To improve the absorption, massage t..
Suitable for itching, mosquito bites, sweat rash, rash, eczema, of originJapanProduct DescriptionSuitable for sensitive skin, steroid free, sponge tip for easy application..
Relieve colds, dizziness and dizziness, eliminate flatulence, twisting and paralysis, bruises, swelling and inflammation, mosquito bitesIngredients: peppermint ice, camphor, wintergreen oil, white wax, petrolatum Packing: glass bottle 12 grams Weight (kg): 0.06 Chinese patent medicine registration..
The biggest advantage of this product is that it is pure natural plants, does not contain chemicals, and has no side effects. People of any age (including the elderly) can take it for a long time. According to literature reports, most patients can see results after one week of first use, and it is s..
Thai Mosquito Brand Green OintmentMosquito repellent / heatstroke prevention / refreshing / four seasons standingImported from ThailandMosquito bitesIron damageSkin allergiesLow back discomfort..
DING DING Mosquito Repellent 35G
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Ding Ding Mosquito Repellent is made from natural citronella oil and requires no electricity, lighting, or spraying. It is safe and no harm to humans, animal and the envirnoment. Each bottle can be used repeatedly for around 3 months.Pieces per Container35GProduct UsageInvert the product for 10 seco..
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The medicine is based on Chinese folk prescriptions, through the use of behalf of the famous doctors to verify, have good effect on joint pain and Zhu Zheng.The side effects of various drugs, can drive the wind to wet, pass through the blood circulation, liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, t..
Focus on joint and muscle fatigue, joint stiffness, or to help increase joint flexibility. Strengthen the bones, tendons and ligaments flexibility. Full penetration, repair and maintenance of joints, cartilage, bone health.Pain relief, swelling of the limbs, paralysis of the limbs, Bitong Bitong pai..
DIRECTIONS For External Application Only-Apply 2 or 3 drops on affected area, massage gently. If necessary. Repeat the process every three hours. CAUTION & WARNINGIf the symptoms persist, or redness is present, consult a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the wound, eyes..
Dosage and direction for use:Apply a few drops to the affected area. Massage and apply pressure to the affected area slowly in circular motion by fingertips. Increase pressure gradually without causing pain, heave relaxing muscles and tendons and facilitating blood circulation. For quicker healing..
Goldboss Shang Zi Biao Shang Biao Oil is Singapore and Hong Wei pharmaceutical and agent of the famous oil, the oil is the medicine of rare traditional Chinese medicine, with advanced scientific methods formulated, mild and fragrant taste, out of the ordinary marketing around the world.Applicable:..
Ricoles Peppermint cure
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 flying man flying man potion is a famous French Lijia pharmaceutical factory production, marketing all over the world. More than 100 years. With its mild flavor fragrance and is suitable for people to travel home in China, so in addition to marketing in France and its territory, overseas Chine..
Insect repellent pasteTo micro capsules to lock the active ingredient in the paste, must be scratched by the user to release the active ingredient, to ensure that the active ingredient can only be released in use. Easy to carry, anytime, anywhere posted on the need to repel any location, simple an..
Effectively drive away mosquitoes, fleas, flies, bees, wasps and other insects; does not contain DEET, with sunscreen products can be used simultaneously...
Powerful mosquito paste effects insect repellent pasteZhi Zhi, itching, anti-allergyFunction: extremely powerful mosquito cream effect Express, can immediately play marks and swelling effect on the skin too sensitive to all kinds of insects such as mosquito bites, ants bite, lice and bees stab w..
Applicable: All kinds of insects such as mosquito, ant bites, lice bite and bee needle injury. Rash, diaper rash, redness.Function: Extremely powerful mosquito paste effect express, can immediately play a role on the check mark and swelling, skin allergies, all kinds of insects such as mosquito, a..
Features: rapid itching, eliminate redness, is to bring cool and comfortable feeling ointment.Efficacy: Zhi Zhi itching, mosquito bites, hot rash, eczema and skin sensitive embolismUsage: topical. Appropriate amount of coating in the affected area, 1 3 to 4 times. Store in the environment below 25 ℃..
Features: rapid itching, eliminate pain, is to bring cool and comfortable feeling of high-quality white ointment.Efficacy: analgesic itching, for the local biting insect pain and itching, pain can also be used to alleviate the local muscle fatigue after exerciseUsage: topical. Appropriate amount of ..
The product is using natural extract of citronella oil with no hazard to humans, animal and environment, safe and reliable, easy to use, it is suitable for you when you stay indoors (even in air-conditioning area) and play outdoors. It protects an area up to 150ft². Each bottle will be used up ..
 This product is the French carefully developed topical skin cream, """" high-tech extraction of calendula extract, play a remarkable effect. """" contains the natural biological flavonols of Calendula officinalis. ""Flaonols"" can be for the treatment of various skin problems, can promote the ..
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