Contraception and family planning

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Kangji gives birth to DHEA 25mg Suitable for pregnant people taking attention DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) Dehydroepiandrosterone Recent studies have shown that male hormones can enhance the expression of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) receptors in the ovary, improve ovarian granulosa cell sensitivity to FSH, increase the number of excellent..


Origin: Germany During pregnancy, a woman's body produces a pregnancy hormone. By the method of immuno-chromatograpjic, the German music spirit of accurate pregnancy test by its special pigment reaction, the content of hCG will appear in the urine test accurately, this detector is suitable for early pregnancy test. Usage: direct drop tester in fr..


Origin: Hungary This product is an oral hormonal contraceptives, its main role is to inhibit ovarian ovulation. It can be prescribed by a physician and used under its supervision. Taking the treatment by doctors must start with systemic and gynecological examination. Usage: from the first day of menstruation, taking a pill every day orally, conti..


Function: Yasmin "is a kind of short-term oral contraceptives every day, taking only a month, taking 21 days, 7 days off. Yasmin is a unique new progestin drospirenone (Drospirenone), to provide reliable contraception at the same time, but also with other benefits. Another role is to resist the effects of glucocorticoids. Use of the law; take only ..


Function: a short-term oral contraceptive, only one pill every day, emergency contraceptionMade in Germany..

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