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Usage and Dosage: water delivery service, adults sooner or later the service time, each serving four. Storage: sealed moisture, away from children Specifications: 300 bottles per bottle, each net weight of 0.18 grams Ingredients: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata Fructus Corni Yam Rnizoma Dlosooreae Cortex Moutan Poria Poria..


This product is made with fresh and pure cranberry extract and can provide a convenient and available nutrition choices, also can effectively maintain healthy bladder function, prevent bacterial invasion. Applicable: Bacteria attached to the pipe wall and thus lead to a variety of discomfort, such as E. coli. Site inflammation, urinary problems. ..


IKBB deep extraction of pigment paste is a kind of special formula of bleaching cream, can effectively gradually in bleaching freckle on the skin, sweat stain, age spots, chloasma, pregnancy or long-term use of oral contraceptives caused by skin deep black pigment. Applicable: The freckle on the skin, sweat stain, age spots, chloasma, pregnancy or..


Folic acid (acid folic) is also called vitamin B9, is a water-soluble vitamin. 0.4 micrograms of folic acid for the prevention of fetal neural tube defects, study after the Si Lian folic acid project, 250 thousand cases of Sino US cooperation project verification to prevent NTDs, mothers in pregnancy during the administration of 0.4 mg of folic aci..


Function: light spot whitening anti radiation anti-aging Usage and dosage: adult daily 1-3 tablets with meals. Made in New Zealand..


INDICATIONS: Nourishing blood and benefiting vital energy, activate the blood circulation and promote granulation, mainly for cases of postpartum anemia with dull aching over the lower abdomen, which can be relieved by pressing, discharge of scanty thin lochia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, sleepless, exhaustion, sores in waists & back. PAI..


INDICATIONS: Nourishing blood and benefiting vital energy, activate the blood circulation and promote granulation, mainly for cases of postpartum anemia with dull aching over the lower abdomen, which can be relieved by pressing, discharge of scanty thin lochia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, sleepless, exhaustion, sores in waists & back. PAI..


Natural plant extract, powerful antioxidant extract of the extract whitening skin care, anti-aging, play a variety of health care function. Applicable: Need anti oxidation, anti-aging crowd. Need to beauty, to keep the skin whitening, shiny, flexible women. Poor skin color, gray, yellow brown, loose, wrinkle. Patients with cardiovascular and cereb..


Muhi Delicare Ointment (15g)Features: Itching, sterilization, skin careEfficacy: itching, eczema, skin sensitivity, rashUsage: topical. Appropriate amount of coating in the affected area, 1 3 to 4 times.Active ingredients:Diphenhydramine 1.0 gIsopropylmethylphenolAllantoin 0.2gGlycyrrhetinic acid 0.5gAcetic acid tocopherol 0.5gPrecautions for stora..


The use of precious natural authentic ingredients, the modern women's health, there is relief and improve the effect. Function: enhance immunity in the menstrual period, ease menstrual discomfort, postpartum mood, promote menstrual recovery, relieve backache, headache, abdominal pain and discomfort, increase appetite, enhance physique, improve sle..


Kangji gives birth to DHEA 25mg Suitable for pregnant people taking attention DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) Dehydroepiandrosterone Recent studies have shown that male hormones can enhance the expression of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) receptors in the ovary, improve ovarian granulosa cell sensitivity to FSH, increase the number of excellent..


Hongkong Tianshou Tang created the world famous ancient and modern medicine, this square from the Qing Imperial secret beijing. The selection of the best medicine is made. By the medical doctor test. Recommend wholeheartedly. Buxuetiaojing. This protective medicine is sincere. This pill is the finest selection of authentic drugs, close properly, ge..

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Hongkong TIN HEE TONG hundred years old produced medicine pill is Zhaochun Doctor Lin Wu Chuan and ten old women according to the recipe contained among even witnessed seven male participation experience, years of treatment experience prepared. For convenience, the female relatives in treatment of disease, anemia and disease such as dark and many w..


Applicable: Physical weakness, stomach deficiency, cough phlegm disease disorders, function degradation and two empty cases, the spirit of the body tired, blood deficiency caused by loss of appetite and other symptoms. Function: Support healthy, physical illnesses, warming Yang, dispelling cold, spleen qi. Usage and dosage: Treatment dosage: 2 ti..


怡安堂 Pearl Powder is the finest selection of Pearl by the scientific method and grinding function, nerves, eyesight, detoxification, eliminating Yifeng phlegm, on infantile startle, irritability, weak stomach bowel disease efficacy significantly. The oral and topical combination, can raise Yan Ze muscle, freckle wrinkle, weight loss, sleeping in you..

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Buy 4 Get 1 Free OfferSame Product Offer - Buy 4 Get 1 Free Function: Buqihuoxue, tonifying the liver and invigorating kidney, calming, blood weakness, shortness of breath, aversion to cold, numbness, insomnia and amnesia, lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees. Usage and dosage: oral, 1-2 times a day, every time 8-12 pill. Ma..




ACF Sincon is designed according to the women's victory structure, using the built-in type suppository for the treatment of vaginitis, high-tech products for the Department of gynaecology in the vagina. Application: applicable to the treatment of cervicitis and vaginitis, and the bleeding after various operation, the patient can be safely used in ..


Why do you need to take multivitamin and mineral supplements?Our bodies need the right amount of various vitamins and minerals (including trace elements) to maintain a healthy and normal functioning of bodily functions. Our food would have been the subject containing various vitamins and minerals, but based on grounds under, we can not always be su..


This recipe is based on the well-known medical records of ancient Chinese history and combined with the needs of the modern life of yin and yang. It is also formulated as a high-grade nourishing product that is made from high-quality bird's nest and precious medicinal herbs through scientific methods , The effect is significant, clinically proven i..


Elevit supplements are a variety of vitamins and minerals. Each tablet contains 12 kinds of vitamins and 3 kinds of minerals and 4 kinds of trace elements, especially for the fetus and pregnant women, to ensure that the most comprehensive micro nutrient supply can be provided. Application: prevention and treatment of pregnancy and lactation in the..

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Treat yourself to the nation’s favourite, femfresh Daily Intimate WashThis bottle of daily intimate goodness is the perfect partner for a quick spruce in the shower. The specially designed pH-balanced formula is enriched with soothing aloe vera to keep intimate skin happy and feeling fresh all-day long.With a hint of soothing aloepH-balan..


Origin: Germany During pregnancy, a woman's body produces a pregnancy hormone. By the method of immuno-chromatograpjic, the German music spirit of accurate pregnancy test by its special pigment reaction, the content of hCG will appear in the urine test accurately, this detector is suitable for early pregnancy test. Usage: direct drop tester in fr..

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The hormone DHEA. This is a primitive hormone secreted by the human adrenal cortex. The latest research on the principle of DHEA delaying ovarian decline found that androgens can promote the growth of follicles in the ovary and enhance the expression of FSH receptors in ovarian tissue. For normal women, the increase of androgen is only to enhanc..

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Features: Efficient antioxidant to yellow and whiten Selling point: Contains 86% or more of highly effective antioxidant polyphenols One capsule a day, serving a full 100 days, essence-grade antioxidant, whitening and youthful skin Main ingredients: Grape seed How to take: 1 capsule daily Content per bottle: 100 capsules..


Modern urban women's diet and habits of life lacking law, heavy housework, lack of sleep, work pressure and so on ... ... thus affecting the body function, there sub-health (state of health and illness), poor appetite, Cold, depression, lead to cycle disorders, or reduce the chance of pregnancy.This product is from ancient times to improve secret r..

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Grape seed extracts are rich in a variety of beneficial substances from whole grape seeds that have a great concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and OPC (Oligomeric procyanidins), which with strong antioxidant properties help to protect cells against free radical damage. They also maintain the integrity and health of blood vessels,..


Super lycopenePlant antioxidants slow agingLycopene(Lycopene), also known as ψ-carotene, isoprenoid compounds, is a carotenoid.As the first isolated from the tomato system, it is called lycopene. People used to think that in the past,Only those carotenoids that have a β - ionone ring and are converted to vitamin A,Such as α-carotene, β-carotene and..


Modern men or women are pressured by work, too much entertainment, will easily lead to: lack of concentration; limbs weakness; Yaoxisuanruan; weakness; dull skin; worried hair white; married life unsatisfactory.This product or to help fit:Relieve stress, improve the quality of sleep and enhance their own resistance, relieve frequent nighttime toile..


Lycopene (lycopene), is a carotenoid natural pigment. It is in tomato, watermelon, red grapefruit, guava, rose fruit in more content. One of the most mature tomatoes rich in lycopene. Usually mature varieties of tomatoes, containing about 20 mg per kilogram of lycopene. The human body also contains lycopene, but our body does not self-synthesis of ..

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