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NUOWEIKON DEEP SEA FISH OIL Deep Sea Fish Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids include DHA and EPA, which are beneficial for heart health, memory, concentration, growth and development. This product is intended for people conceded about blood pressure,..
Applicable: Pregnant and breastfeeding women. Developing students. Pay attention to joint health. Memory and visual impairment. Focus on heart health. Greater emotional volatility. Focus on blood pressure. Function: Enhance the memory and learning ability, the heart of the brain. Usage and dosage:..
Lecithin is a phospholipid mixture is a cell element, is the body's essential nutrients, to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, lipid and cholesterol transport and metabolism are essential. When the cardiovascular, liver and gallbladder, abnormal operation of the brain, there may be related..
Propolis is given the nature of human kindness, is the world recognized expert's greatest natural anti biological with potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti aging cells, enhance immunity, autotherapy force, therefore, propolis has modern elixir in the world. Applicab..
Usage and Dosage: water delivery service, adults sooner or later the service time, each serving four. Storage: sealed moisture, away from children Specifications: 300 bottles per bottle, each net weight of 0.18 grams Ingredients: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata Fructus Corni Yam Rnizoma Dlosooreae ..
Applicable: Pregnancy and lactation mothers, infants, pregnant mothers, adults need to improve memory. Function: Help children develop brain, enhance memory and learning ability. Improve the retina and improve visual acuity. Slow cough Lung Qi zhuang. Enhance resistance and immunity. Reduce the imm..
It is a hormone, ingredients are amino acid derivatives, the main body of the human brain center by the main body, the main role is to control the body's biological clock, adjust the sleep cycle. The main human experience according to the retina to receive the external light intensity, automatic reg..
This product is made with fresh and pure cranberry extract and can provide a convenient and available nutrition choices, also can effectively maintain healthy bladder function, prevent bacterial invasion. Applicable: Bacteria attached to the pipe wall and thus lead to a variety of discomfort, such ..
IKBB deep extraction of pigment paste is a kind of special formula of bleaching cream, can effectively gradually in bleaching freckle on the skin, sweat stain, age spots, chloasma, pregnancy or long-term use of oral contraceptives caused by skin deep black pigment. Applicable: The freckle on the sk..
Function: light spot whitening anti radiation anti-aging Usage and dosage: adult daily 1-3 tablets with meals. Made in New Zealand..
This product is highly concentrated and healthy food, please take it. Applicable: Chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, frequent urination, urgency, urinary dribbling. Function: To enhance the function of men, to extend the golden years. Adjustment function: protection and consolidation of m..
INDICATIONS: Nourishing blood and benefiting vital energy, activate the blood circulation and promote granulation, mainly for cases of postpartum anemia with dull aching over the lower abdomen, which can be relieved by pressing, discharge of scanty thin lochia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, slee..
Coenzyme Q10 in this article focuses on strengthening the protection of the heart, to enhance the body's energy. At the same time, the lycopene can be effectively antioxidant, free radical damage to the body's normal cells. In addition, deep-sea fish contains 1000mg, Omega 3 from deep-sea fish oil b..
INDICATIONS: Nourishing blood and benefiting vital energy, activate the blood circulation and promote granulation, mainly for cases of postpartum anemia with dull aching over the lower abdomen, which can be relieved by pressing, discharge of scanty thin lochia, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, slee..
-30 %
Action :Replenish the semen, reinforce the kidney and spleen, bring up the Yin and Yang energies and strengthen the function of the male genital. Indications :Physical underaction, devangement of blood and vital essences, dizziness, backache, weak knees listlessess, other irregularity general weakne..
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Japan Super Seal Essence Capsule (300 capsules)
-44 %
Applicable: Kidney cold cold sperm, excessive blood loss, kidney yang deficiency, anemia, chlorosis, fine customs is not solid, impotence and premature ejaculation, Qi disorders, kidney deficiency and inadequate nocturia, neurasthenia, limb fatigue, dizzy, loss of appetite, prematurely senile, frequ..
HKD$380.00 HKD$680.00
Natural plant extract, powerful antioxidant extract of the extract whitening skin care, anti-aging, play a variety of health care function. Applicable: Need anti oxidation, anti-aging crowd. Need to beauty, to keep the skin whitening, shiny, flexible women. Poor skin color, gray, yellow brown, loos..
Efficacy: to help bone development, enhance the body's immune system, maintain a strong physique, strengthen the bones and teeth, improve bone density and the need for long. Usage and dosage: Children 2-4 years old, 1-2 tablets per day. Children 4-6 years old, 3 times a day, each 1-2 tablets. Child..
SOY LECITHIN Lecithin is long trusted as nutraceutical due to its numerous health benefits. Lecithin contains Chorines, Phospholipids and other essential nutrients. They are beneficial for memory, cardiovascular and brain health. Lecithin helps to emulsify and burn harmful fats quickly. This produc..
Applicable: Endocrine system disorders, premature aging, low immunity. Function: Delaying menopause, anti-aging. Balance hormone secretion. Improve sleep and keep your energy. To enhance fertility. Regulate menstruation and prolong the time of menopause. Body lotion, enhance the immune system to im..
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