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[Efficacy description]It can absorb excess water, keep the baby's skin fresh and comfortable, and can effectively reduce the symptoms caused by heat rash and eczema.【ingredient】 Boric acid, talc【specification】150 grams【Suitable age】0 months old baby..
Product Overview (OVERVIEW) Absorbs excess water from the skin to keep skin dry and comfortable Gentle and not easy to stimulate dry and comfortableIt is made of high-quality formula and soft and pure talc powder, which can effectively absorb the excess water of the skin, keep t..
Johnson's Baby Powder is made of the highest quality talc, pure, soft and gentle, every time your baby bathes and changes diapers. Use it regularly to keep your baby's skin soft, fresh and comfortable. Basic information  We love babies.  How important is to keep the baby's delicate ..
Net content: 60g     Australian Lanolin (Lanolin) because of its unique moisturizing emollient effect known worldwide. To prevent autumn and winter skin dry season effect significantly, the texture is not greasy, infants and pregnant women is very suitable for us..
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