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Baby eczema repair cream using pure natural plant extracts, to the international pharmaceutical specifications developed to improve the various skin problems, but also more ease of use, efficacy significantly. Because infant eczema repair cream does not contain steroids, so there is no general side ..
Net content: 60g           Australian Lanolin (Lanolin) because of its unique moisturizing emollient effect known worldwide. To prevent autumn and winter skin dry season effect significantly, the texture is not greasy, infants and pregnant women is very suitable for us..
Purpose or function Gentle and clean, prevent dryness, not astringent eyes Scope of application Suitable for infants, young children and young skin, with sensitive skin characteristic Alkali-free and soap-free, pH5.5 formula promotes the formation of a weakly acidic protective..
Purpose or function Moisturizes and softens thin skin, prevents dryness, and relieves irritated or scratched skin Scope of application Suitable for infants, young children and tender skin, with sensitive skin characteristic Gentle texture, non-greasy, fast absorption, highly w..
The natural organic calendula as the main ingredient, combined with French lavender and sage, is a light and calming lotion Quantity per piece 8.5oz/251ml Skin type All skin types Instructions Use daily to moisturize face and body. Precautions This product is for external use only, avoid con..
California Baby Calendula Bubble Bath 13oz (384g)
-30 %
The natural botanical ingredients such as soap tree and yucca are used to create a rich foam with gentle properties. Herbal essence helps repair soft skin, moisturizes not dry, does not contain artificial fragrance and artificial foaming agent; non-irritating formula, can relieve dry and itchy skin...
HKD$138.00 HKD$198.00
California Baby Calendula Cream is a multi-award-winning cream is super-soothing, non-greasy and features a light scent from lavender and clary sage essential oils. We supercharge this cream with extra calendula extract, bringing more soothing relief to dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. T..
This powerful moisturizer can help contain organic, gluten-free colloidal oatmeal, calendula extract and aloe vera, which can effectively relieve eczema. Plant-based emollients help lock in moisture, keep your skin hydrated longer, and prevent future outbreaks. The light fragrance of essential oils ..
Product description: Calendula is a formula that has been recognized for special effects on skin healing for centuries. This product mainly contains calendula formula, all natural ingredients, light and non-greasy texture. Due to the unique moisturizing and healing effect, this product can make the..
After a survey of children's skin troubles in winter, it became clear that more than 70% of mothers were very distressed by their children's "dry skin". From the baby months after birth to adulthood, the span of time is very large, and among the skin care products that can be used for a long time at..
Compared with traditional white petrolatum, Jianrong infant petrolatum improves the purification process and removes more impurities.  Covering the surface of the skin, not only can lock in moisture, but also has a protective function, enough to prevent dry and rough hands. Prevent dry skin an..
Johnson's Baby Powder is made of the highest quality talc, pure, soft and gentle, every time your baby bathes and changes diapers. Use it regularly to keep your baby's skin soft, fresh and comfortable.  Basic information  We love babies.  How important is to keep the baby's delicate ..
Product Overview (OVERVIEW) Absorbs excess water from the skin to keep skin dry and comfortable Gentle and not easy to stimulate dry and comfortable It is made of high-quality formula and soft and pure talc powder, which can effectively absorb the excess water of the skin, keep t..
Mentholatum CREAM AD with Crotamiton, and Diphenhydramine, can quickly eliminate the dust and UV induced severe skin itching. Anti-inflammatory ingredients Acid Giycyrrhetinic can relieve skin inflammation caused by itching of the skin. Dry skin itching caused by the increasing number of people, the..
Mustela 2-in-1 Wash Body Wash (500ml)
-32 %
Mustela shampoo shower gel, suitable for use from birth*, specially formulated for daily bathing of babies: Gently and effectively clean baby's skin and hair. Soap-free, suitable for baby's fragile skin and scalp. Contains moisturizing ingredients to remedy the effects of hard water on dry and ro..
HKD$60.00 HKD$88.00
[Normal skin] Product Features • Dry oil, easily absorbed without being greasy. Suitable for massage to promote sensory development • Leave a protective film for newborn baby (1) and baby's skin • Safety assurance: testing under dermatology and pediatric medical monitoring • High tolerance of s..
Mustela Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion Mustela Hydra Bébé body lotion provides immediate and long-lasting moisturization to your baby's skin. -Containing plant ingredients such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamins E and F, sweet almond oil, shea butter and unique avocado essence, Hydra Bébé body ..
France Mustela Baby Moisturizing Cream (40ml)   Mustela Moisturizing Cream, suitable for newborns*, specially formulated for daily moisturizing the baby's facial skin: Moisturizes the skin instantly and lastingly, contains vegetable oil, vitamins E and F. Contains shea butter, skin is soft,..
Mustela Vitamin Butt Cream (100ML)
-54 %
【Product Name】Mustela Vitamine Bottom Cream 【Product Origin】France 【Product Specification】100ML 【Product Ingredients】Contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin F and Shea Butter 【Product Efficacy】Prevent and assist in the treatment of baby diaper rash and help the baby The skin is protected from the stimulati..
HKD$50.00 HKD$108.00
Japan Pigeon Baby Medicinal Powder (Blue Jar) 150g Suitable for: Newborn or above Without puff Special anti-itch ingredients are added to help prevent and improve prickly heat and itching generated in the baby's skin.It contains vegetable squalane and other vegetable oils that are very similar to ..
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