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Nutritional supplements for pregnant women

The unique formula of American high-efficiency folic acid with B6 and B12 contains high-efficiency folic acid, and is scientifically refined with vitamin B6 and B12...
Main effects:1. Improve immunity and strengthen physical health    2. Adjust the microbial environment of the intestine> promote nutrient absorption3. Assist the growth of gastrointestinal wall cells4. Promote cell growth5. Helps children's growth and development and bone health6. Keep ..
The biggest advantage of this product is that it is pure natural plants, does not contain chemicals, and has no side effects. People of any age (including the elderly) can take it for a long time. According to literature reports, most patients can see results after one week of first use, and it is s..
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Polivent Gamma GlobulinesImmune factor is a general term for a protein called immunoglobulin that is produced in the body to resist germs. Among them, immunoglobulin G (Immunoglobulin G, IgG) has the most significant effect. IgG is widely present in human tissues to fight against filtering viruses a..
This product is manufactured using advanced refining technology, followed by strict GMP processes such as purification, disinfection and appraisal of the weight standard, and added an appropriate amount of zinc to help calcium absorption. Each tablet of this product contains calcium, magnesium, and ..
Elevit supplements are a variety of vitamins and minerals. Each tablet contains 12 kinds of vitamins and 3 kinds of minerals and 4 kinds of trace elements, especially for the fetus and pregnant women, to ensure that the most comprehensive micro nutrient supply can be provided.Application: preventi..
Applicable to the crowd: the preparation of pregnant women, pregnant women, mothers. (applicable to the end of lactation for pregnancy)Formulated specifically for the Chinese mother, is currently the most suitable professional products. Comprehensive professional balanced nutrition, increase the p..
Applies to:Pregnant women, pregnant women and lactating women1 day to meet the mother 1 dayDHA recommended intake100% algal oil DHAAlgae oil DHA high purity, no marine pollution, easy to be human applicationInstructionsDay 1, with the mealPrecautionsThis product is not a substitute for drugs.Cap and..
There are 13 kinds of Bi yunbao vitamins, including folic acid, vitamins, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, BOINT, pantothenic acid and nine kinds of minerals calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum.Application: before pregnancy, dur..
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