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Calcium Supplement

Applicable: Pregnancy and lactation mothers, infants, pregnant mothers, adults need to improve memory. Function: Help children develop brain, enhance memory and learning ability. Improve the retina and improve visual acuity. Slow cough Lung Qi zhuang. Enhance resistance and immunity. Reduce the imm..
Sugar pills no smell, taste first-class, easy to absorb, high-quality. Adhering to the "care for your baby health," the purpose of "love Po Hong" to create first-class children's health products.【Ingredients】 deep-sea fish oil (including dha), calcium hydrogen phosphate【Performance】 improve the heal..
Features and effects: Newborns available: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends supplementing vitamin D3 from birth; Calcium supplement partner: promotes calcium absorption, promotes calcium precipitation to bones, and improves baby's calcium supplement efficiency; Official recommendation: T..
Alexan Lexical +D Calcium 600 mg+ Vitamin D125IU 600mg calcium with added vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption by the body. It is manufactured strictly in accordance with the FDA and GMP (Purification, Sterilization and Standardization) standards. Its sales and uses are approved by the health de..
BIO ISLAND bone care calcium 150 capsules The calcium in Australia's BIO ISLAND Natural Calcium Calcium Health Care Capsule is derived from the natural milk calcium extracted from New Zealand's pure milk, which is effectively absorbed by the body. Calcium is an important mineral for bone developmen..
Product Name]: BIO ISLAND Natural Extracted Calcium Milk [Place of Origin]: Australia imported [Capacity]: 90 softgels [Capsules]: hydroxy hydroxyapatite 270 mg, calcium 78 mg, cholecalciferol (vitamin Ð 100 IU) 2.5 mcg [Main components]: Calcium tablets, vitamin D, etc. [edible method]: - 4 weeks ..
Super Colostrum IQ Chewable TabletsColostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the initial two day after giving birth, which provides babycows with immune factors and growth factors. It is especiallyrich in Immunoglobulin-G (IgG) which has anti-bacterialand anti-viral properties. and can let..
Product name: Calcium Amed D3 (1000mg + 800IU) lemon-flavored chewable calciumPacking: 30Origin: NorwayIngredients: Calcium --1000mg, vitamin D-800IUDosage: Adult, twice daily, each chew or buccal one, can be in before or after meals, or instructed by the doctor. (Do not take this medicine: if calci..
When children grow up, they have a great demand for nutrition. They are especially needed for developing and physically diverse functions. They are especially important for active children. As children gradually grow up, they have more opportunities to attend to different occasions and places such a..
Studies have shown that bone loss begins to accelerate after the age of 35, and various symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, and cervical joint pain follow one after another. Therefore, it is extremely important to supplement bone nutrition. Zhongnanhai No.1 Jiugutong adopts the latest Japanese scien..
Brand CATALO Origin United States Pack 50 capsules x2 Features and effects *Contains TruCal ® natural milk calcium and natural zinc chelate ( compared with the same type of zinc-free milk calcium sugar on the market) TruCal ® natural milk calcium is extracted from natural pollution-f..
Each containing 278 mg of pure calcium, 59 mg of magnesium and 64 mg of zinc. Made in the United States high-tech. Long-term use of the goods, can supply to the daily needs of the human body calcium, magnesium and zinc, the growth of children and the elderly often suffer from osteoporosis are of gre..
Calcium / CalciumCalcium deficiency can result in bone malformation, causing rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Another calcium deficiency ailment is Osteoporosis, in which the bones become porous and fragile because calcium is withdrawn from the bones and other body areas faster than i..
Application: young children development Function: to help the development of children's bone growth, strengthen the bones and teeth, to maintain the normal operation of the muscle system, to maintain the health of the nervous system, to supplement the body from the food intake of calcium. Usage and..
GNT Pro-Calcium for Age 50 above (100 capsules)
-23 %
Indications: lumbar degeneration, knee degeneration, osteoporosis. Usage and dosage: Designed for persons over 50 years of age. 2 times a day, each time 1-2 tablets. Made in America..
HKD$168.00 HKD$218.00
GNT Pro-Calcium with Vitality Formula (100 tablets)
-23 %
Product English name: GNT Pro-Calcium Growth vitality formula Comprehensive calcium, zinc and magnesium formula Improve bone density in four weeks Packing specification: 100 tablets main ingredient:  Calcium 333mg    Magnesium 167mg  Zinc 17mg       &n..
HKD$168.00 HKD$218.00
Healthy Care Goat's Milk Vanilla Flavour
-36 %
Goat's Milk tablets are produced from pure goat‘s milk which has been spray dried under stringent export regulations to ensure the highest quality and purity.Benefits:Assists in the maintenance of general well-being.Each Capsule Contains: Serving per package: 75Serving size: 2.8g (4 tablets)&nb..
HKD$75.00 HKD$118.00
KTC Mama Calcium (60 tablets)
-50 %
This product is manufactured using advanced refining technology, followed by strict GMP processes such as purification, disinfection and appraisal of the weight standard, and added an appropriate amount of zinc to help calcium absorption. Each tablet of this product contains calcium, magnesium, and ..
HKD$140.00 HKD$280.00
Natural Plus Thailand Strong Glucosamine (60 capsules)Modern city busy, stress and lack of exercise, joint problems becoming more widespread, and more patients getting younger and younger. Joint problems can lead to joint pain, so that the spirit and the heavy impact of daily activities, greatly red..
Natural vitamin DCalcium, magnesium, zincThis element can produce a fourfold coordinating roleBone health and supplement the body functions requiredCalcium Calcium ~A sufficient amount of calcium can strengthen bones; prevention of tooth decay, strengthen teeth; effectively make children grow up hea..
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