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product information View original Japanese page product name DHC Melilotus officinalis 40 tablets 20 minutes raw material Olive oil, herbal extract at the end of Java tea extract, Ginkgo biloba extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, capsicum extract Nutritional ingredients (1 day per day: 2 capsules 910 mg) Heating:..


Gameiro 7 1 in addition to the original fat thin, Green Tea garcinia cambogia essence, lime and psyllium natural extract composition, adding new Ursi, Buchu, Du Songguo and all natural formula, helps to promote body fat burning, enhance intestinal function, soften stool, multi-faceted help you reduce excess fat. Keep the body posture, no side effec..




Fast fiber beauty is a pure natural slimming formula of the new generation, every pure natural ingredients it contains all the clinical report confirmed that can effectively reduce the oil absorption of starch and sugar and no side effects of weight-loss drugs and bring inconvenience, in order to achieve the most complete, effective and slimming ef..


Love must be thin -HB unique active ingredients are able to penetrate the brain blood barrier, direct the composition of the central nervous system, so that users have a sense of full belly Application: obese people Functions: to control appetite, cellulite, rapid drainage Usage: Usage: before lunch and dinner 30 minutes each serving 1 to 2 tabl..

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