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Myda-B Natural Plus GermanyThis product is all natural. One of the ingredients, uva ursi, is natural and helps to cleanse harmful residuals in the human body. The other ingredient, cranberry, consists of Vitamin A, C, E, tannic acid and phosphorous, etc. They have the best antioxidant and purifying ..
Product Introduction"German GLQ-10 Powerful Cerebrolysin" is a brand-new formula for cerebrovascular circulation and metabolism. It is equipped with advanced high-tech pharmaceutical procedures and is produced with high-quality GMP through German rigorous pharmaceutical procedures. The p..
[Product]: the GLOBELab-German MCT Xiaoshi Su 150 capsules[Product introduction]:Super strong gold formula, liquid capsules are easy to absorb.For patients with small kidney stones that do not require surgery. [Recommended usage]:Health care: Adults take 1-2 capsules orally twice ..
German special effect Shenling is a herbal preparation that does not contain chemicals and is absolutely non-toxic. Clinical experiments have confirmed that it has significant effects on acute and chronic nephritis.The kidney basically operates like a filter. When the body's blood circulates t..
<p>Causes and symptoms: The function of the kidneys is to help the body clean blood and filter excess substances, which flow into the bladder and enter the urethra to be excreted from the body. Most of the stones are inside the kidneys (kidney mengs, kidney cups) to produce inflow and excretio..
Germany Natural Plus 150 Capsules
-34 %
Strong Lishisu is obtained from clinical experiments in the medical field through advanced technology and specialized scientific research. It can indeed dissolve small stones or cause stones to be discharged naturally. It has the same effect as Western therapy; for various stones that cause digestiv..
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Germany Natural Plus  150 Capsules
-34 %
Gallstones are high levels of cholesterol in the bile secreted by the liver, causing the bile to become sticky and lumps of crystals formed in the gallbladder. According to statistics, diabetes and obesity are one of the reasons that are more likely to suffer from gallstones. The formation of bladde..
HKD$230.00 HKD$350.00
Scope of application:Urethral stones are therapeutic agents for digestive system disorders, liver dysfunction and even inflammation caused by stones.Features:Clearing the liver and promoting gallbladder, promoting water and drenchingIndications:Gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones [co..
Germany Natural Plus  60 Capsules
-35 %
Gallstones are high levels of cholesterol in the bile secreted by the liver, causing the bile to become sticky and lumps of crystals formed in the gallbladder. According to statistics, diabetes and obesity are one of the reasons that are more likely to suffer from gallstones. The formation of bladde..
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CHI CHUN TANG Prostate Hong Pills 280’s
-11 %
2 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time. For..
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Urgent uric acid · Joints easilyCombination of Western essenceChinese medicine was established in 1988, adhering to the Chinese medicine more than 5,000 years of traditional excellence, the use of rigorous Western medical standards, with modern research and technology, to develop high quality, safe ..
The formation of gallstoneThere are many reasons for suffering from gallstones, such as bile too much cholesterol or bilirubin, or cholesterol-lowering ability to reduce the bile acid. When the gallbladder is weakened or cholesterol is saturated in the bile, it causes cholesterol to combine with oth..
Why do you want to take "German Dr. Wei Wei"?Colorful urban night, food and wine, mouth-watering food, it is hard to resist the temptation. In the health and diet how to choose, fashion food culture and can not get rid of color, smell, taste such production. Medical statistics show that eating habit..
Applicable: Skin under water shortage and elastic. Easy to fatigue, poor physical persons. Diabetes and nephropathy. Easy to inflammation, frail people. Vision degeneration, cataract, glaucoma. Long term use of computer. People who have smoking, staying up late, drinking habits.Function: Strong an..
 The product is a therapeutic and sanitarian preparation especially for the patients with kidney stone, gall stone or urinary bladder stone. It's developed through advanced technology. Clinical tests prove that it can surely dissolve or discharge small stone. Biociwme Capsule is also effective ..
People with kidney, only a tree root, the body strength, but the kidney is lai. The kidney is all through the hub, the viscera, blood sent to all the limbs and bones.Suitable: acquired disorders, backache, limb weakness, deficiency of Qi and blood weak, lassitude, loss of kidney yang, Yuanyang is ..
The stone is powerful with advanced technology, professional development of clinical experiment, it can dissolve the stone or make smaller stones discharged naturally, and has the effect of the treatment process for a variety of different approaches but equally satisfactory results; the stone causes..
This product is highly concentrated and healthy food, please take it.Applicable: Chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, frequent urination, urgency, urinary dribbling.Function: To enhance the function of men, to extend the golden years. Adjustment function: protection and consolidation of m..
Germany Gnt Lekobics (60 Capsules)
-15 %
Indications: kidney stones, urinary stones, bladder stones, gallstones, urinary calculiUsage: sooner or later, two pills, and even served 3 to 6 bottles. Patients in the process of receiving a lot of water daily, such as drinking a lot of water (about 1600c.c), put the fruit is better. Note: do no..
HKD$238.00 HKD$280.00
Biociwme Capsules is designed for patients with gallstone, bladder stones, kidney disease and Made etc..Application: gallstones, kidney stone, bladder stones, digested by the stone causes bad hepatobiliary spasm, cholecystitis, cholangitis, cystitis and body weak harmonic.Function: emotiona..
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