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Liver and gall health

Lesichol Forte - 10 capsules
New Arrivel
Taking it before drinking can effectively break down alcohol, increase alcohol tolerance, alleviate hangover symptoms, lower liver enzyme levels, and relieve liver burden. It is a liver-protective supplement that allows you to enjoy drinking without harming your liver.Usage:For quitting alcohol: Tak..
Hangover Rescue - 10 capsules
New Arrivel
Hangover is the condition that drinkers least want to experience, with common symptoms including fatigue, nausea, headache, thirst, and irritability. The main cause of a hangover is the accumulation of alcohol in the body due to poor liver function and a lack of the necessary enzymes to metabolize a..
The liver is an important organ for detoxification and detoxification in the human body. It is responsible for toxic substances and excretion to the human body. It detoxifies all chemical toxins that enter the body, such as alcohol, drugs, and food additives, and maintains the normal activities of v..
Japan Jinyong Sea Dog Antler Daibu Wan Huang 300 Capsules
-41 %
Function: Nourishing blood and qiUsage: Adults take 5-6 capsules once, twice a day, once before meals in the morning and before going to bed at night, with warm water.Preservation method: Store in a cool, dry and out of reach of childrenSpecification: 300 capsules/bottlePlease see the description fo..
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Germany Natural Plus  60 Capsules
-35 %
German Warsaw Lidan Pills: gallstones are high cholesterol levels in the bile secreted by the liver, resulting in thick bile and formation of hard crystal lumps in the gallbladder. Bladder stones, mostly containing too much calcium and phosphorus in the urine, stagnant urine and small discharge, are..
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The prevention and treatment of alcohol injury has attracted more and more attention from health workers at home and abroad. In China, prevention and treatment of alcohol injury has a long history. There are endless prescriptions for preventing alcohol injury. Gehua Jieyang Decoction, as a famous an..
EffectMedically proven to strengthen and protect the liver, strengthen liver cell repair and renewal, and maintain liver healthReduce liver fat accumulationEnhance liver function, help relieve fatigue, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote overall healthStrengthen the liver, enhance the liver's d..
This product is designed for various types of hepatitis, liver disease and the preparation of hepatitis is a strong digestive tract caused by the filter virus of acute infectious diseases. Through the contact of hepatitis patient's secretions, public tableware, food contaminated food, too much alcoh..
German natural herbal medicine research laboratory of the latest invention of hepatitis therapeutic health agent.Application: acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver and gallbladder function, liver and gallbladder spasm, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, etc..Function: qingrelishi, Shugan Huoxue, sup..
Usage and Dosage: water delivery service, adults sooner or later the service time, each serving four.Storage: sealed moisture, away from childrenSpecifications: 300 bottles per bottle, each net weight of 0.18 gramsIngredients:Radix Rehmanniae PreparataFructus CorniYam Rnizoma Dlosooreae ..
BIOWACOL Capsulese is designed for patients with gallstone, bladder stones, kidney disease and Made etc..Application: gallstones, kidney stone, bladder stones, digested by the stone causes bad hepatobiliary spasm, cholecystitis, cholangitis, cystitis and body weak harmonic.Function: emotion..
Belongs to a lipid material, containing phosphorylcholine and high levels of fatty acids. Phospholipids play an important role in the maintenance of normal organ structure and energy exchange within organs. In the absence of phospholipids, the metabolism of the liver can not be smooth, may lead to f..
This product is after many years of research and clinical trials, prepared; all production process and quality control of national food and drug administration, strict standards of the health department of California and the United States Pharmacopoeia; registration and registered in Hongkong, is a ..
Germany GNT Hepamine (60 Capsules)
-37 %
Germany GNT new generation of powerful strong heparin is the most rigorous program by the German pharmaceutical GMP high-quality production, for the latest living liver formula for the liver, liver protection, anti liver cancer, this product is characterized by the active ingredients of plant compou..
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Buy 3 Get 1 Free OfferSame Product Offer - Buy 3 Get 1 FreeFunctional indications: Bayern, Germany, a strong heparin Powerful live liver treasure, alias strong liver ling.Dr. Bryan Kicavixil is the most rigorous heparin by the German pharmaceutical program GMP high quality production, the l..
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