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Gastrointestinal health

Yee On Tong KIN WAI PILL are used by people as a home remedy throughout the world, the ingredients of KIN WAI PILL consist of the latest and most expensive drugs to ensure fast effective relief against various types of stomach disorder. INDICATIONS:Indigestion, abdominal fullness, vomitin..
Advance Ulance Tablets 20Mg (15pcs)
OriginHong KongProduct DescriptionEase hyperacidity, dyspepsia, indigestion, heartburn and stomach ache..
Lacteol fort Sachets (6 sachets)
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LACTEOL FORT SACHETSLactéol fort® is an effective postbiotic treatment for diarrhoea, in both children and adults. Lacteol fort has been prescribed by hospitals and doctors for 30 years in Hong Kong. Lacteol fort helps to relieve a wide range of gut problems including acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhe..
Lacteol fort Capsules (12 Capsules)
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Lactéol fort® is an effective postbiotic treatment for diarrhoea, in both children and adults. Lacteol fort has been prescribed by hospitals and doctors for 30 years in Hong Kong. Lacteol fort helps to relieve a wide range of gut problems including acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, IBS, antibiotic-a..
Metamucil comes from 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber to help your body naturally detox. Metamucil forms a fibre gel in your body, traps wastes and helps soften stool. It helps relieve constipation, and helps you feel lighter and more active. Overall, Metamucil promotes your gut health.- Helps your body ..
Hiya Kiogan Gold (500 Pills)
-18 %
Japan's ancient name drug, gold Litong Wu Qiying pills, according to ancient Chinese medicine, prepared by the modern scientific method. This medicine is the traditional Chinese medicine formula derived from the China principle, then dissolve the factory to be prepared ancestral experience. So dysfu..
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PrevNext Health Express Immune EnhanceFunction:Activating immune cells, enhancing immunity and traditional chemotherapy drugs have complementary effects, reducing side effects. In the course of anti-cancer treatment, by enhancing the function of the immune system, it relieves the adverse reactions c..
Ingredients:Ginseng 6%, Pearl powder 7%, Cinnamon 14%, Gallus gallus domesticus 18% Rhubarb 12%, Tinhusa 15%, Gentian 18%, Licorice 10%.Efficacy: old and new stomach pain, bloating, gas, gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, indigestion, duodenitis, abdominal pain and various acute and chronic gastritis,..
Relieve heartburn, indigestion, hyperacidity, bloating and stomach pain caused by the above conditionsFree of artificial colors and fragrancesWill not cause constipation..
Main effects:1. Improve immunity and strengthen physical health    2. Adjust the microbial environment of the intestine> promote nutrient absorption3. Assist the growth of gastrointestinal wall cells4. Promote cell growth5. Helps children's growth and development and bone health6. Keep ..
Ingredients: Atractylodes Atractylodes, Amomum villosum, Cardamom, Codonopsis, Malt, Tangerine Peel, Licorice, Liu Shenqu, Xiangfu, Magnolia, Pinellia Qu, Poria, Atractylodes, etc. Function: invigorate the stomach and eliminate food, relieve qi and relieve pain. Indications: gastrointestinal weaknes..
Specification and packaging: This product comes in a small box, one day's serving sizeOrigin: Hong KongManufacturer: produced by Hong Kong Shoushi PharmacyShelf life; three years and above (as the production batch is constantly updated with different production dates, we will choose the latest..
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Polivent Gamma GlobulinesImmune factor is a general term for a protein called immunoglobulin that is produced in the body to resist germs. Among them, immunoglobulin G (Immunoglobulin G, IgG) has the most significant effect. IgG is widely present in human tissues to fight against filtering viruses a..
This product contains high-quality and high-value ingredients. The tea used has been strictly supervised and processed in full compliance with hygiene procedures. This product helps relieve intestinal sluggishness and occasional constipation. Its efficacy has long been fully understood and is very r..
Help manage intestinal healthPromote the growth of probiotics* Suitable for infants, children and adults (including pregnant women) * This is an oral product, the general method is as follows: *Adult: Starting dose (daily) 15 to 45 mlMaintain the dose (daily) 15 to 30mlChildren (7-14 years old): Sta..
[origin] Hongkong[suitable crowd] illness, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizzy Xian, pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, The climate does not suit one. disease. Whether pregnant women, both men and women, old and young.[Methods] adults two times a day, each time one bottle or two, take a bottle or tw..
月兔牌腹痛止瀉靈 (20粒)
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Function: can quickly relieve a variety of factors caused by the occasional and non-persistent diarrhea.Usage: adult 3 times a day, each serving 1-2 capsulesMade in Japan..
星加坡李氏肚痛健胃整腸丸 (12樽 - 1樽50粒)
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INGREDIENTS:Pectin 5% Rhizoma Dioscoreaa 5%,Syzygium Aromaticum 5%, Herba Agastaches 20%, Cortex Phellodendri 20%, Cinnamonum Cassia 15% Hebra Eupatoril 10%, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae 5%, Pericarpium Arecue 10% INDICATIONS:Relief of occasional diarrhea, Relief of occasional diarrhea..
怡安堂 Pearl Powder is the finest selection of Pearl by the scientific method and grinding function, nerves, eyesight, detoxification, eliminating Yifeng phlegm, on infantile startle, irritability, weak stomach bowel disease efficacy significantly. The oral and topical combination, can raise Yan Ze mus..
effect:Vomiting seasickness, dizziness, smell Fenxin, inhalation of two should, men and women can take, for detailed usage, please refer to the internal standard.Ingredients:Agastache rugosa (Fishch. Et Mey.) O. Kuntze Agastache rugosa 7.10gCitrus nobilis LourCinnamomum Cassia Presl 7Men..
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