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Herbal classic, the essence of scientific research. Applicable: Children with constipation, suffer from excessive internal heat, gastrointestinal discomfort. Function: The function of catharsis, solve constipation. Jiedusanjietang, tranquilize. Runfei oneself, help digestion. The line is sluggish to rise, adjust the body function. Usage and dosa..


Spirulina Plus contains green nutrients, probiotics, lactic acid, (PROBIOTIC) and type oligosaccharides [help] endophytes (PREBIOTIC) these three natural ingredients can play each other function, promote intestinal health.Suggested Use: Adults: oral administration of two daily meal.made in America..


Product DescriptionBrief InformationNu-Lax fruit Laxative Block is a combination of 3 active medicinal ingredients: standardised senna leaf extract, figs and dates.  Senna is a traditional laxative plant used to assist in the treatment of constipation. It brings gentle overnight relief stimulating bowel evacuation.Figs and dates provide a good..


NuoWeiKon® Probiotics, infused with 6 different active friendly bacteria*, maintains a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, supports a healthy digestive system and boosts immunity. These naturally occurring friendly bacteria support the absorption of nutrients by metabolising food and increasing the bioavailability of minera..

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