Bowel excretion

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Children crying with fear, liquorice Tonifying Liver Qi, detoxification, to reconcile the various drugs. The children sleep at night restless, easy to wake up crying, as well as the fire caused by constipation, mouth sores and other problems. Function: Qingrechushi diuretic, helping digestion, and sweating, diarrhea, diuretic dampness, spleen and ..


Herbal classic, the essence of scientific research. Applicable: Children with constipation, suffer from excessive internal heat, gastrointestinal discomfort. Function: The function of catharsis, solve constipation. Jiedusanjietang, tranquilize. Runfei oneself, help digestion. The line is sluggish to rise, adjust the body function. Usage and dosa..


Product function: because of constipation caused by headache, flushing, rough skin, rash, abdominal bloating, intestinal abnormal fermentation. Usage: 15 years old or above, each 2-3 tablets. Made in Japan..


Satolax ace enteric-coated tablets (36 tablets)Once a day, defecation more easily!"SATOLAX ACE" helps you to solve the problem of intestinal and constipation, and join the vitamin B6, can promote metabolism, improve skin roughness, acne and rash and other related symptoms.Instructions11 to 14 years old: once a day, 1-2 tablets.15 years old or above..


White rabbit constipation dragee with Bisacodyl and Calcium Sennoside can help the natural defecation, relieves constipation caused by discomfort. Applicable: Intermittent constipation. The symptoms relieve constipation caused by: head, dizziness, loss of appetite, rough skin, blow out material, Abdominal distension, intestinal abnormal fermentati..


This product contains high-quality and high-value ingredients. The tea used has been strictly supervised and processed in full compliance with hygiene procedures. This product helps relieve intestinal sluggishness and occasional constipation. Its efficacy has long been fully understood and is very reliable, and its taste is also very good. It also ..


Gameiro 7 1 in addition to the original fat thin, Green Tea garcinia cambogia essence, lime and psyllium natural extract composition, adding new Ursi, Buchu, Du Songguo and all natural formula, helps to promote body fat burning, enhance intestinal function, soften stool, multi-faceted help you reduce excess fat. Keep the body posture, no side effec..


Place of Origin:  Denmark  Product introduction: Lactulose is a sugar that cannot be absorbed, used to treat constipation It can be added to water, juice or favorite beverages. It is better to take a full stomach. "Daniton" is suitable for the elderly, babies, children, pregnant women and people with diabetes. Take 2 times a day, or a..


Spirulina Plus contains green nutrients, probiotics, lactic acid, (PROBIOTIC) and type oligosaccharides [help] endophytes (PREBIOTIC) these three natural ingredients can play each other function, promote intestinal health.Suggested Use: Adults: oral administration of two daily meal.made in America..

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Metamucil  Psyllium is made from natural grain, which can effectively soften the intestinal digestion; It can regulate intestinal muscle motility; Make intestinal waste more smoothly excretion.Metamucil [Medstar] to play the same role as other high-fiber foods. Fiber will not be digested or absorbed by the body, but need to eat adequate amount..


Fast fiber beauty is a pure natural slimming formula of the new generation, every pure natural ingredients it contains all the clinical report confirmed that can effectively reduce the oil absorption of starch and sugar and no side effects of weight-loss drugs and bring inconvenience, in order to achieve the most complete, effective and slimming ef..


Product DescriptionBrief InformationNu-Lax fruit Laxative Block is a combination of 3 active medicinal ingredients: standardised senna leaf extract, figs and dates.  Senna is a traditional laxative plant used to assist in the treatment of constipation. It brings gentle overnight relief stimulating bowel evacuation.Figs and dates provide a good..


NuoWeiKon® Probiotics, infused with 6 different active friendly bacteria*, maintains a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, supports a healthy digestive system and boosts immunity. These naturally occurring friendly bacteria support the absorption of nutrients by metabolising food and increasing the bioavailability of minera..

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Recently, the hottest slimming product in Japan-PILLBOX ONAKA Dietary Nutrient for Lower Abdomen Fat Reduction, which is specifically aimed at waist and abdomen, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. According to the official clinical verification, the waist and abdomen have been reduced by about 20 cm in 3 months, and the weight will also decrease...


Senokot is a laxative made with senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, for a laxative that is gentle on the bowel.Instructions: Adults and children over 12 years old: use two tablets at night. Children over six years old: Please follow the doctor's instructions. It usually has a laxative effect 8 to 1..


Love must be thin -HB unique active ingredients are able to penetrate the brain blood barrier, direct the composition of the central nervous system, so that users have a sense of full belly Application: obese people Functions: to control appetite, cellulite, rapid drainage Usage: Usage: before lunch and dinner 30 minutes each serving 1 to 2 tabl..


. Accelerate gastrointestinal motility, discharge waste toxins, and block the absorption of food fat  . Break down the body index, expel excess fat, and promote cell material metabolism, accelerate the burning of body fat ***The effect varies from person to person, and a balanced diet and moderate exercise are required. Precautions: 1. Plea..

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