Trachea and lungs

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Application: dry throat, colon gastritis pain, bronchitis, sore lips, fly, heat rash, sore carbuncle swollen, swollen gums, short red urine, urinary tract infection, red tongue white. Function: Qingrejiedu detumescence. Usage and dosage: Adults three to four times a day, each time one to two. Children over the age of twelve, three times a day, ea..


太和洞止咳丸 , the general rule of cough day and night, cough, sputum or cough without sputum, cough or not to night can not sleep, hurry take the pill, can stand in addition to suffering. This pill is not cold resistant peace, not dry, whether pregnant women can take men and women, old and young, for cold, hot phlegm, cough all suffering, a pill, phlegm..


Efficacy:1. Stabilization of the central nerve asthma2. Soothing trachea3. Reduce bronchoconstriction4. Enhance immunity5. To reduce discomfort caused by sensitive6. To promote lung health7. strengthen the heart and kidney health8. Promote blood circulation9. reduce respiratory mucosa eosinophils10. Yin and lungs, for shortness of breath, fever, ch..


effect:Can relieve bronchial smooth muscle, enhance myocardial contractility.Obstructive dyspnea can be alleviated at the onset of asthma.Relieve bronchial spasm.So that bronchial relaxation.For bronchial asthma, cardiac asthma, emphysema and pulmonary edema have a very good effect.For the crowd:Elders with long-term respiratory problems.Persistent..

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The German GNT new generation of powerful gas consumption for the latest development of cough formula for respiratory problems, by the German pharmaceutical program GMP high-quality production, according to historical records, Ugali Myrtus, Eucalyptus blue gum Myrtle reed, Primula myrtle, has rapidly increased in lung tissue of trachea and throat, ..


Intended for: It is easy to stimulate the bronchial contraction caused by external objects, resulting in wheezing, chest stuffy and cough symptoms. Severe, difficulty breathing, oxygen is not enough to supply all parts of the body. Effect: Clear solution in tracheal sputum, decrease the frequency of cough, sputum easy to vomit, and can make the no..

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DescriptionUltiboostSupport lung and respiratory healthMaintain a healthy resistance systemAnti-aging agent supportBased on scientific and traditional evidenceHigh quality formulaOverall healthDietary SupplementsAdvantages: Swisse Ultiboost Pills is a premium formula that contains essential vitamins, minerals and herbs to support lung and respirato..


Health informationEveryone in urban areas is becoming more and more conscious of their health. However, living in big cities, life and eating habits are extremely unbalanced. It is not easy to have a healthy body, and long-term respiratory asthma is one of the health risks , With the environmental pollution and climate change, many people often hav..


Product name: Zyrtec  Specification: 10 tablets Origin: Switzerland Effect: ZYRTEC Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Quickly relieve allergic symptoms Sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes It can inhibit the bronchoconstriction reaction and reduce the allergic skin reaction. It is used to treat allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, alle..

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