Masto Lady 3D Mask 65pcs (165mm*90mm)

Masto Lady 3D Mask 65pcs (165mm*90mm)

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⭐️BFE (bacteria), PFE (fine particles), VFE (virus) >99% filtration (effectiv...

Product Description

⭐️BFE (bacteria), PFE (fine particles), VFE (virus) >99% filtration
(effectively blocking 99% of 0.1 micron particles in the air)
⭐️Three-dimensional tailoring fits close to the face tailoring
⭐️Three-layer non-woven three-dimensional design and memory-shaped nose strip, more suitable Face
⭐️Wide ear rope design, comfortable and painless to wear
⭐️PM2.5 high-performance filter value, effectively blocking pollen, virus flying and microorganisms


Content: 65 Pcs

Size: 165MM/90MM

Made in China