Fitty 30 Adult Face Masks (Individually Packed)

Fitty 30 Adult Face Masks (Individually Packed)

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Fitty 30 Adult Face Masks (Indivi...

Product Description

Fitty 30 Adult Face Masks (Individually Packed)
  • Tested by professional institutions
  • KAEN Japan Chemical Fiber Inspection Association
  • Japanese professional technology high density filter layer
  • Contains special protective melt-blown cloth filter layer
  • Heavy smog
  • There is smog all year round PM2.6 is everywhere
  • The harm of PM2.5 to human health
  • Increase in infectious diseases
  • Causes inflammation of the respiratory system
  • Has a certain impact on human life
  • Defects that affect fetal development
  • Increase the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
  • Defects caused by affecting fetal development
  • Japanese professional masks have high protection rate
  • (Protect tiny particles, smog, yellow sand, pollen, flu, dust, odor, etc. in the air)
  • High material PP non-woven fabric
  • Low breathing power
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • High performance

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