Dimension D3 Sunshine Drops

Dimension D3 Sunshine Drops

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Features and effects: Newborns available: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends supplementing vitamin D3 from birth;
Calcium supplement partner: promotes calcium absorption, promotes calcium precipitation to bones, and improves baby's calcium supplement efficiency;
Official recommendation: The American Academy of Pediatrics officially recommends vitamin D3, the mother trusts!
Method of preservation: Store in a cool, dry place after opening. Edible method: You can eat it directly, or you can add baby food such as food supplement, warm water, juice, etc. Ingredients: plant glycerin, deionized water

Net content: 29.6ML Flavor: Natural berry flavor Origin: US Shelf life: 3 years Food dosage: 0 months - 1 year: 6 drops per day, 153 days per bottle, 1-2 days -12 years old: 8 drops per bottle per day Eat 115 days

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