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Using a variety of rare herbal herbs from refining, a comprehensive nourishing dirty, conditioning lumbar stimulation tonic liver and kidney, to achieve the effect of solid peiyuan. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "kidney" is the essence of yin and yang in the organs, the source of innate nature and the source of life. The essence of "kidney" is the basic element required for the life activities of human beings. It is used to promote the life of human beings. If there are deficiencies in the organs, the human body will feel like a lost automobile and the physical strength will drop. Modern people often appear: waist and knee pain, waist and leg aches coupled with life pressure, habits, age is due to loss of viscera, kidney essence can increase the essence of essence in the body; help promote blood metabolism in the body, anti-aging Strong bones and bone marrow, enhance the waist force.


This product is black coating concentrated water pill, remove the coating was dark brown, sweet, astringent, slightly bitter.

For people concerned about the choice of tonic Liver and kidney active Shu pain expelling wind and dampness waist and knees limbs numbness Lumbar muscle strain physical coupons coupons body weak fatigue Zhuangliang strong positive alopecia areata


Pregnant women avoid clothes.


Set in a cool dry place.


High-density polyethylene bottle packaging.


Each bottle of 120 pills x3 bottles. Each 18 pills weight 3.1 grams.


Adult three times a day, each 6,

Children under the age of 16 three times a day, three capsules each time,

Swallow with warm water after meals or follow your doctor's advice.


1) avoid spicy, chilly, greasy food.

2) Not convinced when taking a cold.

3) This product should be taken before meals

4) Hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease and other chronic diseases should be taken under the guidance of the physician.

5) disabled allergic to the goods, allergies were used with caution.

6) This product is prohibited to use when the traits change.

7) Please put this product out of reach of children.

8) If you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

【For people concerned about the following selection】

Waist and knee pain, limb numbness, dehumidification dehumidification, active Shu Tong, replenishing liver and kidney, body fatigue, lumbar muscle strain, Zhuangliangqiangjing, cold dampness.