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Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)

Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
Amalu Stiff Shoulder Muscular Aches (90ml)
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This product is strong penetration, and give full play to analgesic effect, on Gang players, joint pain, as well as rapid anti-inflammatory effect, it is more direct than oral medication, faster, joint muscle pain skin stimulation medicine, Blood circulation, to curb the pain of the deep parts of the muscles, so that the muscles of the affected area have a good feeling of cold stretch effect.


Shoulder pain, muscle pain, muscle fatigue, bruises sprains, cold numb pain, joint pain.

Usage and dosage:

Only for external use, Tu amount of the affected area, two to three times a day. Children before using the product, should consult Chinese medicine practitioners or doctors advice, use to avoid touching the eyes and mucous membranes.


1. Usage is simple, the liquid can be leaking through the mouth of the rubber cap cap coated in the affected area can be applied, the use of pockets or handbags to carry in use, as long as tightly closed, there is no leakage of the disadvantages.

2. Can be applied regardless of any part: with the ointment is different from the stripping after the trouble can be avoided. Whether it is the Ministry of hair, joint flexion or sweat discharge parts, etc., can be properly coated with.

3. Infiltration of the affected area, not to hurt the skin, recipe elegant, ingredients selected, once the Fuyu the affected area skin, that can penetrate thoroughly, the drug lasting, suitable for treatment of shoulder pain or muscle pain embolism.

4. comfortable Shuang Shen, do not hurt the skin: fragrant Shuang appropriate, does not stimulate the skin, more with the ointment is different, do not hinder the role of skin respiration. Liquid cleaning in line with health, with a strong role in disinfection.


Apply a proper amount to the affected area 2 or 3 times a day

Note on the use of:

1. External diet, not touch the wound and mucous membrane, such as by liquid stimulation of pain, that rinse with water.

2 with Bi tight, closed cool dark place, can not be made by children. Please keep in contact with the child is not easy.

3. As the product with a special leak-proof design, so rubbed in the goods, the need to "sponge head" on the affected area for a few seconds, so that the liquid slowly seepage to the "sponge head" and skin feel moist ; Then pull the plastic corpse back to the other affected area, each time after use, tighten the cap to prevent the liquid volatile.

1. The following parts can not be used

A. Around the eyes, mucous membranes and so on.

B. Eczema, rash, wound Department

2. Before using, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist for any allergies (such as rash, itching, spotting, etc.) that have been caused by drugs and cosmetics.

3. Use the following precautions.

A. Adhere to the specified dosage.

B. The child must be supervised by his / her guardian.

C. Be careful not to allow liquid to flow into the eye. In case of eye contact, wash immediately with water or warm water. Severe symptoms, you must see an ophthalmologist.

D. The agent for external use, may not be taken orally.

E. The skin is particularly weak, not continuous coating on the same place.

F. Children with colds, chicken pox or fever should avoid using methyl salicylate products. If you have allergic reactions to salicylic acid, consult a Chinese medicine practitioner or doctor before using this product.

4. Pay attention to the following when in use or after use

A. After use, cause rash, redness, swelling, itching, stop using and discuss with a doctor or pharmacist.

B. Effects vary with dosage, temperature, site of application, and different objects. Susceptive stimulus is too strong or feel uncomfortable when discontinued.

C. Apply the agent on the site, not in the heater or electric blankets to warm.

D. Use a few days after the symptoms do not improve, should discontinue use and discuss with the doctor or pharmacist.

E. Avoid touching the acid ester products (such as chemical fiber, glasses frames, combs, etc.), wood (paint, paint furniture, bed, etc.) leather so as not to damage and leave stains.

F. The same lesion, not the same fight with other external agents.

5. Storage and use of the attention

A. Keep out of the reach of children.

B. Tighten the cover, save in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

C. To prevent deterioration or misuse, do not change to other containers.

D. Do not approach sources of ignition.

E. Do not use products with expired dates printed on the bottom of the outer box and on the bottom of the bottle.