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Bao Ying Dan for the experience of pediatric medicine, the drug hall selection of a variety of precious Chinese medicine system of refining and home, not cold not dry, take a week once, can make the baby healthy and lively. Indications: Night cry Jing bang, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sputum Yan Yong plug, vomiting milk, sleep at rest, cough, short..


Houzao powder for the experience of pediatric medicine, the drug hall selection of a variety of precious Chinese medicine from refining system, not cold not dry, take a week once, can make the baby healthy and lively. Indications: Huatanzhike, town heat will be scared, night crying fever, sputum Yan Yong plug, cough, shortness of breath, abdomina..


Application: sudden fright frightened, crying, heat, body heat red face, night dew eye. Function: the town of breath, clearing heat and toxic. Usage and dosage: oral. Take five to ten ml of warm boiling water mix, half year, a bottle of three suits, six months to one year old, a bottle of two times over a year old clothes, take one bottle, once e..


Suitable: second phlegm heat convulsion, shortness of breath, stridor, cough and phlegm, palpitation insomnia, liver heat and convulsions. Function: phlegm, relieving cough and expelling wind, relieving convulsion. Usage and dosage: oral. Every time a bottle, one to two times daily, children under one year old half, with five to ten without heati..


Suitable: exogenous fever, four colds, cough asthma, irritability and vomiting of milk, stomach indigestion, infantile convulsion. Function: wind phlegm, cough fever. Usage and dosage: oral. Half year take 1/3 bottles to half a bottle, six months to one year old to take half a bottle of a bottle, over a year old take one to two bottles, taken onc..


Kyoto niancian scientific Chinese medicine with natural herbs refined, Kyoto niancian gegentang natural ingredients, clothing will not keep the working efficiency be sleepy straws. Independent packaging, warm water that is rushed to the service, catering to the busy pace of life of the city, to facilitate health. Suitable: runny nose, stuffy nose,..


Suitable: shaoyang disease, between cold and heat, silently appetite, upset vomiting, mouth pain, dry throat, dizziness. Function: shaoyang. Usage and dosage: Adults (fifteen years of age or older) daily doses of nine grams. Two times a day, each time a packet (four point five grams). The particles into the mouth to warm boiling water delivery se..


Panadol cold drinks contain real lemon delicious and vitamin C therapy can provide a doctor recommended to relieve colds. When the cold, should take, can effectively and quickly release the following symptoms: nasal congestion, headache, sore throat, aching limbs, have a fever. Usage: put a pack of cold drinks into the cup, add half cup of hot wat..


Pearl is a valuable seafood. For hundreds of years of successive dynasties have confirmed that pearl has good frightened, heat, and beauty of the great role. Applicable: Children, women and the elderly Function: Morning fasting take: heat detoxification. At noon after meals: digestion, spleen and stomach, clear the liver, eyesight, nerves. Night t..


Nong's Dry Throat & Cough Formula can effectively soothe dry throat, relieve cough and moisten the lungs.SOURCE:Recognized by Ministry of Health of The People's Republic of China, this formula effectively clears heat and moisterns the lungs. It can relief day throat, hoarseness and cough. This formula is highly regarded and is widely used as an..


Shaxi Antipyretic enjoy its history of more than one hundred years in folk medicine.It has good effect on cold or fever. Tea bag-making is made with extra care based on scientifical refinement and produced by advanced equipment. Each bag is equal to originalprescription in contents and has the same effect. It is convenient for carrying and taking.S..

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