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Childlife liquid calcium and magnesium to provide 2 essential minerals combined with a balanced, very easy to absorb vitamin D and zinc, delicious formula. These are essential nutrients that support your child's healthy growth and development. Usage and dosage: daily maintenance: for the baby 6 months 12 months - 1 tsp. Children 1 - 3 years old: 2 ..

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Features and effects: vitality choice: plant fruit and vegetable extract extraction, baby's daily vitality preservation method: Store in a cool and dark place, refrigerate after opening. Edible method: directly or into the children's beverage ingredients list: purified water, glycerin, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, stevia, potassium sorbate..


Features and effects:Natural choice: natural echinacea herb, used in Europe and America for more than 300 years;preservation method: After opening, keep in a cool and dry place.How to eat:You can eat it directly, or you can add supplementary food, milk powder, warm water, fruit juice, etc.Ingredients:Glycerin, deionized water, fructose, natura..

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ChildLife First Defense Liquid is a unique product of ChildLife. ChildLife First Defense Liquid is very safe and suitable for children of different ages. It can be used short-term or long-term to increase the baby's immunity. Health Tips: Use the recommended amount of health care daily to enhance natural immunity and protect your baby from diseases..

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Features and effects: vitamin supplements: vitamin C with better taste;Good taste: orange flavor, sour and sweet, baby likes;Liquid is easy to absorb: liquid formula, baby's stomach is more easily absorbed;Antioxidant, good effect: the bottle is filled with carbon dioxide to protect the VC from oxidation;Preservation method: In the cool and dry pla..

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Features and effects: delicious DHA: natural fruity, the entrance is instant, a little addictive, the baby likes it;Natural extraction: from the Arctic cold waters, pure deep sea Arctic carp freshly extracted;Storage method: In the cool and dry place after opening, it is recommended to put the refrigerator in summer. Edible method: It can be eaten ..

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