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Bioisland Children and Adolescent Gold Promotional Blackcurrant FlavorSpecification: 60 capsules / bottleContent per tablet: L-lysine 312.5 mg (equivalent to 250 mg lysine)* Contains glucose components. The addition of blackcurrant is a natural blackcurrant ingredient. The natural ingredients ..
BIO ISLAND bone care calcium 150 capsulesThe calcium in Australia's BIO ISLAND Natural Calcium Calcium Health Care Capsule is derived from the natural milk calcium extracted from New Zealand's pure milk, which is effectively absorbed by the body. Calcium is an important mineral for bone developmen..
Description The deliciously blackcurrant flavoured Bio Island Lysine Starter for Kids is easy to digest in this convenient powdered form. It contains the essential amino acid lysine, that supports healthy growth and improves appetite for infants and young children. Bio Island Lysine Starter for Kids..
 BioIsland Cod Liver Oil (90 Capsules) Cod Liver + Fish Oil
-26 %
Australia Bio Island Cod Liver + Fish Oil Top Cod Liver Oil 90 CapsulesAustralia's BIO-ISLAND baby cod liver oil can provide natural vitamins A, D, E and calcium, and can also supplement the DHA and EPA needed during development. The baby can eat from 28 days until adult. Old man.Recommended dos..
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BioIsland pregnant women DHA for pregnancy
-29 %
澳洲生物岛DHA用于妊娠孕妇及哺乳期专用DHA,脑黄金60粒【服用方法】怀孕期0-10周:每天1粒怀孕期10-36周:每天2-3粒【保存方法】请保存在30度以下【含量】每粒胶囊含有:海藻油(DHA)525mg相当于DHA 210mg【效用】*该品针对孕产妇产后的健康*适合怀孕的各个阶段,包括为尝试怀孕和哺乳的女士。*含有高强度的DHA剂量在胎儿,有助新生儿和婴儿阶段的生长和脑功能与健康的神经系统发育..
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BioIsland infant seaweed oil DHA
-31 %
[product name]: BIO ISLAND infant seaweed oil DHA[product specifications]: 60 tablets[Place of Origin]: Australia[How to take]: It is recommended to use every day.    The baby is born from 28 days to 6 years old and takes 1 capsule per day; 7 to 12 years old take 2 capsul..
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Product Name]: BIO ISLAND Natural Extracted Calcium Milk [Place of Origin]: Australia imported [Capacity]: 90 softgels [Capsules]: hydroxy hydroxyapatite 270 mg, calcium 78 mg, cholecalciferol (vitamin Ð 100 IU) 2.5 mcg [Main components]: Calcium tablets, vitamin D, etc.[edible method]: - 4 weeks ..
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