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Lumbar and cervical vertebral shoulder strain

Eight royal active oil Features: Shujin active, pain, expelling wind and cold, swelling in addition to Bi, blood circulation, relieve the old suffering, refreshing Xingnao...
DIRECTION FOR USEFor: Sprains, Bruises, Contusion: Rub well over the affected parts with Healing Oill, then cover the affected parts with cotton and Healing Oil and lightly bandage.For: Minor Cuts, Minor Burns: Apply Healing Oil on the affected parts then cover the affected parts with cotton and..
characteristic:This product is strong penetration, and give full play to analgesic effect, on Gang players, joint pain, as well as rapid anti-inflammatory effect, it is more direct than oral medication, faster, joint muscle pain skin stimulation medicine, Blood circulation, to curb the pain of the..
Ducks take active oilFeatures:Shujin active, pain, expelling wind and cold, swelling in addition to Bi, blood circulation, relieve old suffering, refreshing Xingnao.Indications:Pain, numbness, limb numbness, back pain, bruises and sprains, joint stiffness, stasis bruises, soup fire burns, mu..
Apply to: stop bleeding quickly. Analgesia speed. Shujinhuoluo, loose silt pain, cold extremities, chiralgia,Usage: the pain to the affected area, and ease the rotation until full penetration. 3-6 times a day.Made in Hongkong..
Suitable: dispelling wind and cold. To promote regeneration of blood. Shujinhuoluo. Dampness pain. Back low back pain. Hand and foot palsy. Traumatic pain and diarrhea, abdominal pain, dispelling cold and dampness.Usage: adults and children over two years old, the affected area, ease the rotation ..
Function: Sciatica, lumbar strain, cervical inflammatory pain, rheumatic old patients, traumatic injury, lumbar spine injury, bulge, contusion and motion pain, cold dampness itching, bruises, waist and knee pain.Usage: daily three to four times, if necessary, can be repeated once every three hours..
The product formula contains Chinese and Western herbal extract, safe and reliableFunction: Sciatica, lumbar strain, cervical inflammatory pain, rheumatic old patients, traumatic injury, lumbar spine injury, bulge, contusion and motion pain, cold dampness itching, bruises, waist and knee pain.Us..
Golden Tiger active oil is based on the ancient prescription as the foundation, through scientific analysis of ethanol and refined the latest topical analgesic medicine; characterized by strong penetration, fast acting, is lasting, and can direct access to the affected area of root, root treatment p..
Home travel, essential medicine.Suitable: dizziness headache, dizzy zhouche wave, cold abdominal pain, abdominal pain, stuffy nose, itching and pain, mosquito bites, the cramps, relieve muscle, joint pain, bruises, sprains, rheumatic pains.Function: blood stasis, dispelling wind and dampness, de..
Imada seasons safe oil (25ml)
-27 %
This oil travel abroad to return home to visit relatives, travel travel, sports, hiking, hiking walking, prepared against want security and peace. Rubbed the nose and throat or temples and other places, to massage medicine reached through the central nervous system, often use rate of specific power,..
HKD$35.00 HKD$48.00
This product uses the modern scientific research, the extract of the plant. , reduce the pain of patients.Suitable: Qufengzhitong, shoulder neck tight pain, joint flexion pain, paralysis foot pain, lumbar spur pain, traumatic injury, pain, sciatic pain strain, mosquito bites, Zhuifengtougu pain pa..
For ease painful shoulder pain and muscle pain have significant effect lipid formulations containing benzyl hydrochloric acid, for the treatment of painful shoulder pain and muscle pain have significant effect. No Smell almost no medicinal smell, without fear in public places because of the Smell an..
Double standard air duct with a variety of shrimp oil is refined, its unique Wenjingtongluo, Qufengzhitong formula, can alleviate various muscles, joint pain symptoms, treatment of joint pain, relieve muscle soreness, spasm and stiffness and other symptoms and various pain symptoms caused by sprain ..
Name: Sloan's Liniment Kills Pain(70ml)Origin: Hongkong IN HONG KONG MADEWhere a bottle of small and no healers sign words, are fake.Suitable: muscle pain, lumbago head hard, itching.Function: Zhitong rushen.Usage and dosage: for external use only. Specification:70mlMade in Hongko..
Indications: Wong Lop Kong Medicated Oil (30ml)Origin: Hong Kong MADE IN HONG KONGImagine Wong traumatic pain dehumidification drive wind oil is refined Medicines preparation, drug lasting, strong penetration function quickly relieve pain, qi and blood circulation, promote blood circulation.Ap..
Cheong Kun Pain Reliever oil (38ml)
-9 %
Function: bleeding and pain fast speed!!Indications:Hot fire burns, bruises, cuts; crush bruising, twisting falls setbackLanrou wounds, traumatic bleeding; rheumatic pain, arthritis painOld suffering from bruises, sprains musculoskeletal; stem neck pain, neuritis painCapacity: 38 mlSecurity Features..
HKD$98.00 HKD$108.00
Backache, Joint Pains, Strains, Muscles PainFunctions and Indications:Shoulder Pain, Backache, Joint Pains, Strains, Muscles Pain, Minor Aches, Sports warming upDirection: 1. Locate the pain sport by magnetic roller around the affected area2. Press and massage the pain spot with magnetic roller..
Hysan Brand Hua Tuo Huo Lu Oil Hysan Brand Hua Tuo Huo Lu Oil is the use of valuable natural medicine reminder, excellent function, smell fragrant, with analgesic and eliminate the old suffering from the efficacy of function.Indications and functions: bruises pain 'back pain, muscle grid shrink..
IMADA HOTDRUG OIL is a combination of Chinese herbs and natural essences specially for the relief of all kinds of muscle aches & pains caused by fatigue or physical exercise.INDICATIONS: Muscle pains, joint shoulder pains, swelling limbs, sprains, cramps, rheumatism or insects bites.DIRECTIONS: ..
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