Brain development

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We are the most pure waters from the Pacific place in the world, has a long history of South America's largest manufacturer of Omega -3 fatty acids. In more than half a century of experience and professional spirit, with the most modern production processes refined and pure; offers the world's best quality Omega -3. Applicable: Pregnant and breast..


Vitamin B2 is a necessary element in the formation of red blood cells, antibody production, cell respiration and growth. Applicable: Developing students. Memory and visual impairment. Low immunity. Function: Promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to provide the necessary energy to the body, to maintain normal cell function, and..


Applicable: Mental retardation, mental flexibility, language expression ability, understanding ability and fine movement are lower than those of normal children. The visual acuity, low immunity. Function: Help children develop brain, enhance memory and learning ability. To protect the retina and improve visual acuity. Slow cough Lung Qi zhuang. En..


Origin : Australia Specifications : 60 capsules Efficacy: Firming skin, repairing fine lines and restoring elasticity; Collagen can prevent bone loosening and promote bone growth; Free radicals, anti-aging, enhance immunity, scavenge free radicals, prevent free radical damage to human cells; Protect blood vessels Protect cardiovascular and cerebrov..


Super Colostrum IQ Chewable TabletsColostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the initial two day after giving birth, which provides babycows with immune factors and growth factors. It is especiallyrich in Immunoglobulin-G (IgG) which has anti-bacterialand anti-viral properties. and can let baby cows to increasetheir immunity quickly and r..


CATALO Children's DHA Formula is made from unpolluted small ocean fishesby special technology to preserve the oil integrity. A serving provides 200mg DHA.CATALO Children's DHA Formula can assist better brian& eye development, and alsosupport children's eye function, learning and thinking abilities for a brighter future.It helps alleviate sympto..


High DHA promotes brain development, cute shape, fruity taste..

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