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99.9% fungal, bacterial and viral infections caused by nail infections can be effectively eliminated. It may also play a moisturizing effect. Unique formula can make the drug penetrate to the appropriate location, the Commission efficacy and safety. The study pointed out that the use of nail file clean up after being, day and night is a bad enemy c..


Proli-Med,unique intensive moisturizing system works both on and below the surface of your skin. It is formulated with Aloe Extract, a water magnet that attracts moisture to the skin. Proli-Med also contains Cetyl Palpitate extract, a natural Fatty Acids which strengthens the epidermal lipid layer so that the moisture is then sealed into your skin ..


Uredermix Cream Tissue Softener, Repairs, Soothes, Moisturises, Cracked and Rough Skin Contains Urea 20% w/w This cream is formulated as a tissue softener. It repairs, soothes, moisturizes cracked and rough skin. Helps guard against potential skin tissue damage caused by chemicals, detergents, environmental factors (e.g. cold, wind...) etc. It p..


The weather is getting dry, facial skin Pay attention to moisturizing, especially hands Drier, sometimes more itchy, It is time to turn on a moisturizing hand cream.     Recently received more than 100 years of natural protection Hand cream brand Herbacin German chamomile Classic formula hand cream and deep moisturizing cream, Moisturiz..


product description Pears Pear Hand Cream 80ml Pears Pear Hand Cream Pear Hand Cream is non-greasy and contains natural moisturizing ingredients. It can be quickly absorbed by the skin, replenishing the lost water, and moisturizing for a long time, so that the jade hands can return to the natural and feminine. It is a hand moisturizer that can be u..


description Du’It First Aid Hand Cream is a powerful repairing product that quickly repairs rough and chapped within 5 days, making your hands with white hands no longer a dream. It is rich in vitamin E, fruit acid, tea tree, etc. It specializes in all kinds of dry, rough and cracked hands. It effectively removes the keratin of the hands, improves..

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